10 Ultimate Online Tools to Make Studying More Attractive and Interesting in the New Semester


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Every human wants to learn. The desire for knowledge is an integral part of our nature, but we somehow manage to suppress it over time. The educational system is not making things easier for students; it limits their creativity and puts every learner in the same category. How do you activate that willingness to learn again? There are online tools that can make the studying process more inspiring, so you’ll be ready to approach it from a whole new angle.

1 BenchPrepBenchPrep.com

This is an online learning platform that enables you to focus on your true interests. The personalized learning pathways make the challenge of gaining knowledge more comprehensive and effective. Although BenchPrep makes learning fun, it still enables you to develop a solid base of knowledge through its robust curriculum tools. You’ll love the Game Center, which enables you to improve your skills through practice. You can also find flashcards that make memorization much more effective.

2 StudyStackStudyStack.com

Speaking of flashcards, this is the online destination where you can find the largest base of resources. You can use sets shared by other users of the website, but you can also create your own flashcards with the simple online tool. The StudyStack community has contributed towards the database that contains millions of flashcards. When you don’t have any time to create your own studying resources, you’ll probably find something suitable at this website.

3 What2Learnwhat2learn.com

If you are looking for the easiest way to make the learning process more attractive, interactive educational games are the solution. At this website, you can access different games categorized by various subjects: languages, design technology, driving theory, mathematics, science, computing, geography, history, English, and more. The ability to measure your skills against other users in real time will add a healthy dose of competitiveness in your character.

4 Word DynamoDictionary 150x50

When you play the Word Dynamo Challenge, you will become aware of your vocabulary skills. You improve your vocabulary with every lesson you learn. However, it’s difficult to pay attention to the new words you encounter when you’re focused on the essence of the materials you read. This online tool will help you pay more attention to words. Once you choose your level, Word Dynamo will start asking you to choose the right definitions for different words. You’ll immediately know whether you’ve chosen the right answer or not. The words are quite unusual, but that’s exactly what makes this tool useful in improving your vocabulary.

5 Assignment Helpessaymama.com

No matter how much you are interested in certain topics, professors manage to limit your ability to express yourself in the rigid form of academic writing. However, the essay structure is not as narrow as it seems. When you learn how to approach an academic assignment, you will understand it holds a great potential for sharing opinions, arguments and criticism. EssayMama is a service that can be really helpful when you get stuck with a particular paper. In addition to writing assistance, you can also get free writing tips in the blog section, an essay writing guide, and a glossary of important essay terms. You can also read free essay samples that will inspire you to work on your own projects.

6 GrockitGrockit.com

This practice engine is the solution for many problems you have during the process of studying. To this point, over 333,000 students have answered over 26 million questions. This base of collective knowledge is a great resource for any learner. The engine delivers questions at the right level of difficulty, so it optimizes learning according to the capacity of the user. You can use Grockit to prepare for the SAT, ACT, LSAT, GRE, GMAT, and AP exams.

7 CurrikiCurriki

At this website, you can find free content offered from educators and content providers from around the world. Many experienced teachers have shared their materials on Curriki, so all students can benefit from these learning resources. You can personalize the process to your convenience. Curriki enables you to access interactive simulations, projects, labs, and assessment activities that will measure your knowledge. The supports include fiction and nonfiction eBooks, printable student materials, and more.

8 Study JamsStudyJams.com

You realized you lost your curiosity for math and science because of the dull instructions of your professor? This website will remind you how interesting these subjects are. You can find hundreds of “Jams” on various topics, listen to educational songs, and tests yourself on different topics. There are two main sections at the website: Math and Science. Each of them offers several categories that enable you to plan and organize the learning process.

9 ClassToolsClasstools.com

When you’re up for a real challenge, you should try creating your own games, quizzes, diagrams and activities. Don’t worry; that’s not all you can do at this website. You can also create simpler resources, such as a timeline of events, a virtual museum exhibition, multimedia presentations, mind maps, Google Maps treasure hunt challenge, and much more.

10 FunnelBrainFunnelBrain.com

You haven’t formed an efficient study team with your classmates? Why don’t you join an online community that will inspire you to learn more productively? FunnelBrain also enables you to create quizzes and flashcards, and play games that help you understand concepts from different niches. The study questions are another important resource that will awaken your curiosity. When you connect Facebook to this tool, you’ll be able to build study teams, challenge your friends with different games and quizzes, and share the results as you make progress.


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