5 Best Places for Teaching English Abroad


Are you seeking to live a life full of travel and adventure and earn money at the same time? Yes? Then teaching can be the right career for you. The number of people speaking and learning English language globally has crossed 1.7 billion. The statistics outnumbers the supply of English teachers by a huge difference. This proofs that international job market for teaching English is stronger than ever.

The career offers numerous opportunities to earn, live and travel anywhere you want. Moreover, many countries don’t require you to have a prior teaching experience and some even help you with Visa formalities. Hence, all you need is to take an accredited TEFL certification course to gain skills and qualification to get hired and get your passport ready. There are millions of places where you can start your career in teaching English, but we have prepared a list of five places that offer the best opportunities in terms of finding well-paying jobs. Have a look:

1- Brazil

 brazilAfter hosting the FIFA World Cup 2014 and Summer Olympiad in 2016, Brazil’s economy is rapidly growing and the nation has now become a major international economic force. Post the major sporting events, Brazil has made its mark on the world map leading to an increase in the demand for English language instruction. If you have a TEFL certification, you can easily start your career teaching English in Brazil. The best places to get hired are Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Most schools hire even if you just have a tourist Visa. You can also try your luck finding a job at private language schools or take on private tuition to earn extra income. This can be an opportunity to fulfill your travel dreams and experience all that Brazil has to offer.

2- Vietnam


Vietnam is one of the most preferred destinations for those looking to teach English abroad as the economy continues to open and the cost of living is low. Natives of English speaking nations are highly preferred and you need a four-year bachelor’s degree in addition to an accredited TEFL certification to apply for the position of an English teacher.  The cities with most job opportunities are Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

3- China


China continues to rise in its global stature. Hence, the demand for English teachers is growing as more and more citizens are required to know the language for performing their jobs well. Besides, the culture puts emphasis on learning English. It is the easiest to find work as an English teacher in China and you can make good money, while doing so. Teachers are entitled to free housing, completion bonuses, airfare reimbursement and even free lunch.

4- Dubai


Dubai is the business hub and the oil capital of the world. It is also exploring other fields to establish itself by opening up the economy. Moreover, the schools and universities lay emphasis on knowledge of English language in order to prepare students for the global market. Hence, the demand for English teachers is very high. The pay is really good. However, you need to have at least 5 years of experience to be eligible for teaching jobs in Dubai. You need to obtain a work Visa for which the employers help with the paperwork.

5- Spain


Despite the economic slump, Spain continues to be at the top for its demand for English teachers across Europe. It has plenty of teaching jobs, especially in Madrid and Barcelona. The great thing is that even the government is involved in attracting more and more teachers to come and teach English. There is a great scope for teaching private lessons on the side to sponsor your travel as once you have the visa, you can freely travel all across Europe.

Who says you have to choose between your career and your love for travelling across the globe? You can make enough money by teaching English abroad to finance your travel dreams.  At the same time, gain the ultimate experience of living a life of a native in a foreign land.

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