5 Healthy Habits to Shape Children’s Futures


Never underestimate a child ability to keenly observe and comprehend what goes on around them. Not only do children understand, but it influences them deeply in numerous ways. The environment a child grows in and the type of experiences they have shapes their outlook on life.

The best a parent can do is create an ideal environment their children can thrive in and teach them healthy habits that would serve them for the rest of their lives. Here are five healthy habits that every child must learn from an early age.

The habit of having family meals

By developing a habit of having family meals, you ensure that your child makes this choice on their own in the future. Dinner time is when the family comes together to share their day and discuss their problems. Family meals are also an opportunity for parents to lead by example; they can talk about how they tackled a problem that day or teach their child about healthy food choices and proper portion sizes.

The habit of going outside and getting involved

Nowadays children have developed a rather unhealthy habit of to experiencing the world through the screen of their smart phones. The heart breaking trend is that children as young as 4 are using these devices as an alternate to playing outside. From a very young age it is absolutely crucial that children experience and interact with the world as we know it so they can develop social skills as well as physical coordination necessary.

The habit of keeping a positive attitude

A healthy attitude towards life isn’t something kids learn on their own, it is acquired directly from the people that surround them. The most important role in the development of this trait is of the parents. They can reinforce this good habit by speaking positively about life, through encouragement and also rewarding them for their achievements. This way a child will able to maintain a positive attitude despite the negative behavior of others as they grow.

The habit of being responsible

Perhaps the most essential building block of a child’s future is responsibility. By giving your children responsibility early on teaches them to own up to tasks that you leave in their care. For instance, cleaning up toys after play time or taking the trash out every day after dinner is a healthy start. A good way of promote a responsible attitude is by associating a task with the merits it has. In this case of the examples above is your childes contribution to the cleanliness of the home.

The habit of participation

One of the most effective ways to develop healthy habits in a child is by creating them in your own home. Simply telling a child what good habits are and getting them to participate are two different things. Children will learn when they feel involved, so the next time you are out grocery shopping teach them to tell apart healthy lunch choices from the bad ones. Similarly, when you’re writing holiday cards and thank you notes, involve your children as well.  Only through active participation your child will learn healthy habits for a lifetime.



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