5 Brilliant Cooperative ESL Classroom Games


You’ve prepared a wonderful ESL lesson plan that requires students improving proficiency in English collectively. In your plan, the students are engaged, focused, and helping one another. Sounds fantastic, but it rarely works out. The reason could be that your students don’t know how to cooperate and support one another. Cooperative games will help students learn to work together, think out of the box and have FUN while learning English!

on-postibLibraryCooperative ESL classroom games have a big difference from competitive ESL games, which often require winning or losing parties, while cooperative games require all parties to achieve success. Not every student has the competitive nature, so competitive games sometimes can cause poor self-esteem for learners. So if students do not want to participate in the competitive games, cooperative games can be a solution. All ESL learners will benefit since everyone is engaed into activity and is focused on the success of the team.
Using this method, ESL students will learn to interract verbally and physically, as a result, they will develop their English speaking skills and learn the importance of teamwork.

Students discover how to team up with one another, that it is fine to fail and then try again. Probably the most valuable element of cooperative games is the focus on the way the team has worked together to eliminate the problem, rather than which team won.
We have put together video clips of amazing cooperative games for all grade levels:

The Dice Game

The Telephone Game

A Ball And A Bag


The Running Story Game

What´s Your Name?


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