A Fun Book That Inspires Kids To Do Arts And Crafts


An award-winning children’s poetry book by Sherrill Cannon is capturing children’s hearts worldwide. My Fingerpaint Masterpiece is a delightful story about young boy who couldn’t finish his finger-painting artwork before the bell rang. On the way home, the wind whipped boy’s painting out of his hand and it landed on a stack of art. Is the work lost for ever?

My Fingerpaint Masterpiece is a colorfully creative rhyming story of how one child’s unfinished artwork became a masterpiece displayed on an art show:

M. Moran Bishop in his review on Amazon says:

“Ms. Cannon recognizes that most children are a bit impatient with sitting still and finishing something when other things are calling. She also clearly understands that they are not necessarily pleased with the result when they feel it isn’t good enough for the world to see. My Fingerpaint Masterpiece, tells us just how sensitive a child’s view of themselves can be and the nurturing us adults must teach, by both our actions and reactions.

Ms. Cannon has written another masterpiece of children’s literature in her new book. Its subtle messages of learning honesty even if few believe you while allowing us as adults to recognize that children see grown-ups clearly.”


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