A Great Teacher Is Always A Great Storyteller


By Prachi Jain
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Engage Students

Throughout our childhood we all have been fascinated towards listening stories. And if a story ends up teaching us something then that lesson has always been easier to remember for a life time. So, storytelling has always been a fun part of learning. And incorporating story telling as a part of teaching is a great way of engaging student’s interest into the topic.

Theories prove our brain is designed to remember things, facts and numbers that are linked together, and weaving all these elements into a fun story makes learning easier and interesting.

Learn the Art of Storytelling

Teachers and professors should learn the art of storytelling. Take the advantage of technology to get into new, creative and exciting ways of telling stories. Most of the time it’s not the content but the way they’re told is more exciting. Making videos is one of them. Presentation matters a lot these days, teachers need to be more innovative, try to connect textbook things with the today’s real world. Share your own thoughts, stories and experiences to lighten up the environment of the class room.

Build a Connection

Storytelling even helps in building a strong connection between the students and the teacher. When a teacher shares his/her personal stories of failure or success or any memorable lesson they learned, then it becomes easier for the students to co-relate themselves with the teacher, and indeed forms a bond between them.

Stories even play a huge role in inspiring students. Sharing the stories of determination and hard work of a legend or a role model will inspire the students to work even harder.


You can always change the storyline, by introducing students to stories that paint a picture of the opportunities and challenges in today’s world. Consider hosting a healthy group discussion at the end of the story among the students about their opinions regarding the story and make sure that every student has a voice in the discussion. This will not only engage students into the topic but will also help building their confidence of keeping their views in front of the class.

So, teachers time to pull up your socks now! Start reading different tales, fables, legends and folktales. Watch and observe how professional storytellers do it. Start reading short and interesting novels to get that dramatic touch into your voice. You can even take a look at Term Paper Help for customized Speeches, Presentations, and PowerPoint Presentations. Start with stories that have small numbers of characters. Make your stories and note them into a diary, as it is good to have a diary nearby, in case you forget a part of your stories. As, you are a student too!

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