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Did you know that the average national rate for tutors is between $40 and $60 an hour? However, there are some New York based tutors that charge $200-300 an hour. What came as a shock for us was the fact that almost all tutoring agencies keep 50-80% of what YOU have earned as a tutor. Why do YOU get paid $20-25 an hour when you deserve so much more?

on-postibLibraryKeith Rezendes, CEO / Co-founder AvidBrain, encourages tutors to unite and eliminate the middleman. Mr. Rezendes says: “We want to be the world’s largest social network for tutors and students. Please join me in our mission to unite all tutors/teachers and students. We are looking for awesome tutors in every subject nationwide – Test prep, Standardized test, Based curriculum, Academic tutoring, Nursing tutors, Real estate tutors, Swim, Golf, Tennis, Chess and any topic you can think of. We want tutors to earn what they deserve. No more middlemen and unfair wages.”

Mr. Rezendes has been working in the tutoring industry for about 30+ years. He believes that tutoring is about relationship. There is no greater relationship in the learning process than that of a student and mentor.

This is how he came up with the idea of the AvidBrain, a marketplace that connects tutors with students. Mr. Rezendes claims: ” The ideal educational marketplace has to be more than a place for tutors and students to connect. It has to provide services to both parties, a safe environment (background checks, interviews, and secure financial transactions), management for our students and tutors, services such as built-in reputation for the tutors via testimonials and reviews, and resources for our tutors. We are taking more away from the middle-man and giving it back to the tutors.”

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