Top 3 Spelling Software Apps For ESL Class 2015


Social media, emails, SMS are very popular these days, your student’s spelling is on display for everyone to see. Their poor spelling skills can be seen as your fault as a teacher. Modern technologies can help to ensure your students can spell correctly. You can use spelling software to not only teach students how to spell words, but also their meaning and pronunciation. eTeachersHub has tested 10 most popular spelling software apps of different types. We have chosen top 3 best spelling software applications for ESL class.

Gold Winner:

Ultimate Spelling is the a modern, easy-to-use spelling software for ESL learners of all ages. The software comes with audio recordings, spelling exercises, games, which makes it faster and easier to master spelling without completing boring tasks and exercises. Ultimate Spelling has over 140,000 words in its database. Moreover, you can add new spelling words to learn. The software offers additional resources, including printable lists, worksheets and flashcards; and  online support. You can get all these for just as little as $29.95. This affordable software is great value for money. Official Site.


Silver Winner:

 Spelling Force v2 features over 9,000 words, which come together with examples of sentences and common misspellings. The software offers four spelling games, printable worksheets, and more. The games are fun, motivating and challenging. Word lists include phonics, frequency, word-building, and thematic. Spelling Force v2 is probably the best game-based spelling software for young ESL learners, who struggle with standard teaching methods. This software have affordable price and is easy to use.

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  Bronze Winner:

Spelling Made Simple provides a large database of spelling words. You can also add more words of your own using the built-in technology to upload audio for any word you create. It has a simple interface and audio recordings for 17,000 words. Spelling Made Simple is a simple software application that uses proven method of learning spelling words. Spelling Made Simple enables students to run through their spelling list quickly and and review all of the challenging words. This software application is more suitable for adult ESL students. Younger students may find it boring. This software is good, but a bit pricy. You can buy it on Amazon for $42.


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