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Building a school website can be a great challenge indeed! You don’t want your website to look old-fashioned. But spending 1000s of dollars is not a solution….especially if you are a public school!

on-postibLibraryWe found this interesting article on Simunity on about how to create a website without HTML knowledge and will little budget.

Asked yourself, what are the parameters that are important for a beautiful school website design with little or no budget? The website development must be easy, quick and affordable; easy to use; have a secure and stable platform; attractive and beautiful design; be SEO friendly; mobile and tablet friendly.

You may know many platforms for creating websites. The most popular options are latforms, such as Wordpress, which require installation (local or hosted server) and some basic knowledge of a server configuration; and website builders, such as Wix and Simbla, which don’t require any knowledge at all, but you have to pay some small monthly fee.

Let’s compare these two option:

Easy, quick and affordable

WordPress is free but it requers some basic knowledge of website design and hosting configuration. Website builder are a lot more easier to use as you can create the website immdeately.

Easy to use

WordPress requires security and SEO plugins, and constant updates. This is critical for your website’s smooth running. Writing and publish articles is quick and easy with WordPress, but if you want to make serious changes in a website design and style, you may need HTML coding….which you probably don’t know.

Website builders  – don’t require any updates as it’s done automatically. Publishing new articles is easy. Changing design and styles is easy and intuitive with the Drag & Drop UI.

Secure and stable platform

WordPress is often get hacked if you don;t use securuty plugins which are normally paid.
Simbla (and other website builders) is stable and secure as it’s hosted on Firehost – the world’s leading secured cloud.

Attractive and beautiful website

Both platforms have beautiful and attractive website themes.

SEO friendly

WordPress requires SEo plugins. Some themes can be even dangerous for your SEO activities. So you have to be very selective while choosing the theme.
Website buildres like Simbla are well adjusted for Search engines as all the themes have built-in functions for SEO.

Mobile and tablet friendly

According to the current Google updates, mobile-friendly website get serious increase in ranling! Your website must be responsive, if you want it to be successful.
Using the WordPress, you have to be careful while choosing the theme. Some of them are mobile-friendly, other are not.

Most of the Website Builders (at least Simbla for sure) provide themes with responsive design only. So you don;t have to worry about this.

So what platform did you use for creating your own school website?


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