How Can I Become An ESL Teacher In China Without A Bachelor’s Degree?


Not so many teachers in China have a formal degree in Education. Some don’t have a Bachelor’s degree at all. It all depends on what kind of ESL job you are looking for.

on-postibLibraryIf you are a native speaker of English without a degree looking for an ESL job, your chances to get it in China are very high. Kindergartens, primary schools, tutoring are the best options for you. Most probably you won’t get a working visa and your salary will be 2 times lower than if you had a degree or TEFL certificate.

Tutoring can bring you a lot of money. So even if your base salary is low, you still can earn well. You can make up to 12.000 month (5.000-6.000 is a formal salary). You may need to work hard, but once you build a reputation you can ask for a salary increase. Still it’s not recommended to work without a proper visa.

All you have to do now, is to check local job boards and agents for expats in China. You will find lots of jobs available for teachers without a degree. Check this list of free and famous job boards in China, as well as agents.

If you are looking for a legal job and a good salary, you may need to get a TEFL certificate. With the TEFL certificate you can get a better job, visa and accommodation. If you are serious about teaching career, look at the Cambridge CELTA (Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults) and the Trinity CertTESOL (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). These are the most reliable and recognized certificates.They are expensive, but at least you know what you pay for. If you have a full time job and have no time to attend the course, online TEFL course is also available.

There are also other certification programs that are much cheaper and also have proper certification. Most of the ESL teachers working in China received their certificates online or through in-person TEFL classes in China or Thailand. OF course,in-person course is much better because you can participate in the class, and experience being a teacher in a real life, learn new cultures and make friends. Read here how to choose a TEFL certification program. 

If you are not an English native speaker and you have no degree, your chances to get a job are low. To get a legal well paying job in China, you will need to follow these steps.

The final step is a demo class. Prepare to demo 15-30 minutes demo class. Read more: How to Prepare to English Demo Class in China?


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