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Do you want to receive a quality TEFL teaching education and also have a lot of fun? China and Thailand were both made for this. So which country is best for you?


If you are interested in ancient Asian culture, a mix of traditional and modern architecture, and you are looking to live in a dynamic and international city, then China is perfect for you. China is huge. If you like winter sports and delicious food, then you can choose Northern China. If you prefer water sports, seafood and an easy lifestyle, then Southern China may suit you better.

Although China is a powerful and rich country, it is still cheap to live comfortably. Clothing and food are both very cheap; while at the same time you can find world class restaurants, bars and other entertainment. Chinaalso has amazing modern architecture with plenty of ancient elements to be enjoyed. Throughout the country you will find countless expats doing business or working for top class companies, as the lifestyle is both luxurious and pleasurable. In China, you can find many career opportunities and even start you own business.

Taking a TEFL course in China is a really great idea. You can learn Chinese culture and language, meet a lot of amazing people and who knows, maybe start your own business. Yet for some people China is expensive, so they prefer to start their path in Thailand.

Video about teaching ESL and live in China:


Do you want to live in heavenly surroundings with beautiful weather, fantastic beaches, nice friendly people, traditional architecture and an easy lifestyle? Then Thailand could be the perfect choice for you. The cost of living is very low, although the country is generally less developed than China and other career opportunities are limited. If your goal is just to save money, or you are looking for a cheap and easy life, then Thailand is a good choice.

Taking a TEFL course in Thailand is a good solution. You will spend very little and earn your valuable teaching certificate in beautiful surroundings. Many young and inexperienced teachers choose to take their TEFL course in Thailand in order to save money and then move on to China or Korea later.

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