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Higher Education institutions are always under financial pressure – costs are rising and revenues are falling.  Many educational institutions find a solution in use of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, which can help increase the profits!

on-postibLibraryAccording to the National Center For Education Statistics, four-year public universities increased their spending to $208 billion in the 2007-2008 school year, while revenues remained static at $213 billion. All other institutions have been experiencing similar tends for years by now.

What does it mean for higher education? It means cutting the costs, improving management and implementing revenue generation activities. CRM software systems can do all this. Such systems help better establish connection with donors, philanthropists, students, parents, alumni organizations, and government in order to secure financial giving.

There are many CRM vendors cooperating with schools and universities including but not limited to companies like Microsoft, Oracle Siebel, SunGard Higher Education, but our attention was caught by MyBusiness CRM.

Unlike other CRM systems, MyBusiness CRM is especially great for growing school’s revenues; and establishing unique connection with potential students and sponsors. Mybusiness CRM’s vast experience with inbound calls, email, portal services, fax management.

According to their official site: “Mybusiness CRM’s Marketing module allows marketing campaigns in multiple channels:

– Outgoing calls campaign – if it is telemarketing or telemeeting, Mybusiness CRM will let you to wisely allocate leads to your agents or sales representatives.
– Web campaigns – Mybusiness CRM enables you to create landing pages/websites which redirect your leads directly into the CRM.
– Mail campaign – using Mybusiness CRM you can easily define your population and start mailing them as a part of your campaign. “

Using correct CRM systems, techniques and automation can seriously enhance your school’s revenue, moving from traditional paper based systems to an integrated database solution that can measure and predict your success.


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