Doing an ESL Teaching Demo in China


Every school in China requers a teacher to give a demonstration class. Your ESL demo class will last about 15-25 minutes.

on-postibLibraryFor kindergarten, choose a simple topic and use flashcards to demonstrate new and old words. Your class should have a lot of activities. But make sure your class is not out of control otherwise the school will think you can’t manage a class.

For advanced learners, choose a more difficult topic. Feel free to play the games to review previously learned vocabularly or grammar. So make sure they’ve studied the topic of your demo class. It will look really bad if they can’t answer your questions. Speaking exercise are preferable rather than writing exercises.

Watch now: Top 3 ESL Demo classes

Many schools in China will ask you to make a demo using their own material to make sure you can teach on appropriate level. Normally they will give you a few minutes to get ready. Usually, Chinese schools will give you a workbook that will contain a reading text and writing exercises. Just follow the book, be firm and positive.

Even if you don’t know the topic, make sure you look like a professional teacher. Avoid being too serious and boring. Always smile and speak kindly. Most Chinese students will behave well around a new teacher. So be confident and you get the job!



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