Eight EdTech Writing Tools for Back-to-School Season

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By Robert Morris

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8 Modern Writing Tools

As the new school term is approaching, teachers face a serious struggle: they need to get their students back to learning mode. The most difficult part involves essay writing. As an educator, you have a responsibility to push your students towards personal development, and academic writing skills are part of it.

Start exploring these EdTech tools on time. They will make your students’ writing practice much more productive.

  1. SoundNoteSoundNote

Before they can tackle the writing process, your students need to think, research, and take notes. This tool makes the note-taking part easier. The tool tracks what the users type and draw while recording audio. Thus, they won’t need to worry about missing important details. SoundNote has another obvious advantage: it balances the students’ reading, auditory, and visual skills.

  1. Talk to MeTalk To Me

This text-to-speech app speaks the words as the users type them. When a student is able to listen to his creation as he types, he’ll spot the mistakes and correct them along the way. He will make an attempt to create text that will sound natural. Talk to Me is very useful for young students, since it enables them to correlate the letters and words with the correct pronunciation.

  1. Ninja EssaysNinja Essays

Your efforts to make academic writing attractive for young learners may not be enough. Custom writing service NinjaEssays is a platform that will help you boost your own writing skills before you try inspiring your students to compose papers. You can collaborate with expert writers from several niches to get your textbooks written or edited. In addition, you can recommend your students to read the blog and enter essay writing contests.

  1. Sound LiteracySound Literacy

This is an instructional tool for educators. It provides enhancing literacy lessons that you can implement into the curriculum or use for individual learners. The resources will help you facilitate the interaction with your students. However, the tool won’t take your place as a teacher; it will only support your lectures. The features include: consonant and vowel phoneme maps, ladders for building and comparing spellings or phonemes, and more.

  1. Montessori CrosswordsMontessori Crosswords

You already know about the benefits of the Montessori learning method. It emphasizes the student’s independence and respects his natural physical, psychological, and social development. This app offers crosswords based on that educational approach. With regular practice, young students can develop their reading, spelling, and writing skills.

  1. AudiobooksAudiobooks

Some of your students might understand a book much better if they listen to it. Try assigning this type of project: play an audio book you’ll choose from this app’s database, and then ask them to write an essay based on the piece. If you want to keep the project fun, be flexible and let them choose their own topics. They can describe the emotions the book evoked, or analyze a character. To avoid overwhelming them, tell them that this project is purely for fun, not for grades.

  1. StoryrobeStoryrobe

This tool enables its users to build and share their own unique stories. Storyrobe proves that writing projects don’t have to be stiff and uninspiring. When students are given enough freedom to explore different styles of expression, you’ll be surprised from their creative thinking skills. Before you tell everyone to use Storyrobe, provide brief instructions and share your own project. The tool enables you to add narration and photographs, and share the stories via email or YouTube.

  1. Writing PromptsWriting Prompts

The prompts you offer will determine your students’ interest and motivation in the writing assignment. If you cannot think of something creative, you cannot expect marvelous papers. Writing Prompts will solve that problem. The app is a great resource of ideas for short writing projects that you can assign in class.

Equip yourself with the right tools for the new school year. You can get your students back on track and inspire them to write more if you have the needed support!


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