Find English Teaching Job Without A Degree in China


Teaching English in China is exiting. The salary is good, you get free accommodation and you are respected by many. Do you need a Bachelor degree to teach English in China? Well, not always! The good thing is that literally everyone can get an English teaching job in China.

on-postibLibraryIf English is your mother tongue, you are very lucky. You can easily find a teaching job in China even if you have no degree! The only disadvantage is that your salary won’t be as high as certified teachers have. Also you may not get a working visa. A lot of English teachers without a degree work on tourist visa. Remember, this is illegal and can bring you a lot of troubles.

The good news is that you can easily avoid it by 1. Completing the TEFL course (can be done even online) and 2. Finding a job through a reliable agent who will take care of your working visa. You can easily find them on the job boards or in Google. Here is a short list of FREE job boards and agents popular in China.

If English is not your mother tongue and you have no degree, it will be really hard to get a legal job in China. Still there is a chance to get a job. Here is what you need to do! 


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