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  1. I don’t understand why you get the students to parrot questions you made up
    yourself. It doesn’t allow them to activate higher order thinking skills
    and pigeon holes them creatively. It also seems rather boring – to me at
    least. Can you explain why you took this approach and what the theoretical
    underpinning is? I may be missing something here. Thanks. 

  2. A few consecutive steps and you have an ideal lesson for each level. I
    wonder if there are any restrictions about number of students in class. And
    could that work at school?

  3. Even as simple as writing down the question on the board and have your
    students read it as their own question is brilliant. I’ve struggled with
    this problem but it’s something I should of done in first place. Thank
    you…Thank you…Thank you…!!

  4. Kenjitheknight on

    Chris i really like your way of teaching, I’m currently studying teaching
    Methods at school on how to teach English and the current topic is
    Addressing the Grammar Gap in Task Work and my classmates and i have to
    give a class explaining the subject we are having some difficulties on
    understanding it but your video helped allot. We would like to ask what is
    a good activity that is tasked based and if i can find the lesson plan on
    your blog, i tried looking for this one but i didn’t find it,

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