ESL Musical Game for Improving Listening and Spelling skills


Here is a fun musical game and dictation exercise to help your Chinese students with spelling learned words!

on-postibLibraryGoal: Improving listening and spelling skills, review learned grammar and vocabulary

Activity: Musical Dictation

Level: Pre-school and primary school


  1. Prepare a piece of music that Chinese students know and like.
  2. Explain the rules to the class:
  3. As the music plays, take a ball and quickly pass it to each other.
  4. When the music stops, the student who has the ball in his/her hands has to write down what the teacher says.
  5. If the word is correct, the student gets a point.
  6. The student with the most points wins.
  7. You can also devide your class into groups to make it more fun. It will also have a group spirit building aim.

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