Top 3 Fashion Tips for Female Teachers on a Budget


Many female teachers struggle with the teacher fashion sense as looking good, stylish and serious does not come easily.

on-postibLibraryDry erase markers, messy students and crowded hallways make teacher fashion choices even more challenging. You don’t want to spend fortune on high-priced, high-concept dress that can easily get damaged in the school. Yet perfect outfit is a must for a teacher who wants to build authority in the classroom.

To help look fashionable on a budget, we’ve collected the Top 3 Tips just for a budget female teacher fashion. Use these practical and affordable style tips to look adorable:

1. Try online shopping

There are many affordable shops on the web. But Aliexpress and Everything5Pounds are my favourite online stores to buy cheap and fashionable female clothing. There you can fund literally everything: clothing, accessories, bags, shoes. Everything is so cheap. Yet there are many sellers on Aliexpress that have poor quality products. ALWAYS read reviews and buy products that have real product pictures and positive reviews only. 

Products I love:

I am a big fan of Victoria Beckham’s style – fashionable and formal. Here is an example of Victoria Beckhame-inspired dress on Aliexpress: Product – Beckham Star Style Ladies’ Fashion

Aliexpress, Amazon and everything5pounds has a great collection of affordable non-branded suites, skirts and blouses. For example: – Female Slim Pencil Skirts

2. Classic piece + accessories

Add a few classic pieces to your wardrobe that can be worn in a many ways and with different accessories. Dallas Stylist, Valerie Elizabeth’s little black dress experiment” illustrates how to look chic without spending a fortune by just adding different accessories, shoes and jackets to create a new look each day. 

Have fun with scarfs, bags and pendants to to re-fresh your look! You don’t have to spend a lot of money on accessories that will most probably go out of fashion next season, so try less expensive stores like H&M, eBay and Aliexpress my favourite places to shop.

3. Check Teacher Fashion Blogs

Let’s face it, dressing for life as a teacher can be difficult. You want to look stylish without attracting unwanted attention. That is why I recommend these terrific teacher fashion blogs for inspiration:

1. Fashion tips from a kindergarten teacher.

2. Fashion tips from a science teacher.

3. Fashion tips from a special education teacher.

Do you have a favourite teacher fashion blog? Tell us about how you decide what to wear to school in the comment section below!


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