Fashion Tips For Male Teachers


Your image as a teacher has impact on student learning and behaviour. Clean and professional style projects more visual authority and leadership in the classroom. So displaying the appearance of authority will set the tone in a relationship with your students.

Yet you don’t want to look old-fashioned, or worse like you are trying to be fashionable. Here are 4 budget menswear items to add to your collection.

1. Jeans.  A classic, yes, but a good pair of jeans will really elevate your look. Go for a straight cut – not skinny, you don’t want to look like a student. Stylish blue jeans like on the picture will work well with casual T-shirts and formal shirts of any colours.




2. Slim Fit Shirt. Casual slim fit shirts is a way to quickly update your usual trousers-and-a-jacket formula. Keep your choices plain with squares and abstract graphic details only. A colourful shirt like this one on the picture is ideal.




3. Classic Jacket is a no brainer – it’s a style that has been worn by men for ages. The classic jacket looks good not only with formal trousers but also with jeans, t-shirts and casual shirts like on the picture above. The slim fit design modernises the style just enough.




4. Suede Shoes have been reinvented as something appropriate for work and for the pub. This shop has a great selection of colours,  and it’s fun to play around with the colours and style contrast.




So what are your favourite menswear options when it comes to school fashion style?


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