Your first day as an ESL Teacher in China


A good ESL teacher in China must find a balance between being a friend and a teacher. Here are a few tips to help you be a successful teacher in China:

on-postibLibrary1. Do not allow students to address to you by your first name. The most appropriate form will be Mr., Mrs., or Ms. and your last name. This will help students to understand that you are “the boss”.

2. Introduce your rules to students during your first day. Make sure your rules include and do not confront with rules of Chinese teachers. For example: No talks, raise your hand, no mobile phones, etc.

3. Explain to students that there will be consequences for breaking the rules. For example: standing up, writing sentences, and a talk with with parents. Don’t forget to reward your students for good behaviour.

4. Encourage students to ask questions on the first day. This will ‘break the ice’ and establish good communication with your students.

5. Your communication style must be positive and non-abrasive.

6. Be firm and implement the rules from the first day and students will respect you.

7. Treat your students fairly and you will gain even more respect.

An ESL teaching job in China can be easy and fun if you present yourself in a right way and gain respect and love of your students. Good luck!


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