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  1. Hi I’m working on my TESL/TEFL certification. We are supposed to observe
    ESL instructors for one course. Would you mind if I used your video as one
    of my write-ups? I can send it to you once I’m finished if you’d like to
    read it beforehand. Thanks! Hope to hear from you soon.

  2. Hi, This is a model lesson that demonstrates excellent classroom management
    in many aspects: pace, students’ engagement, teacher rapport, instructions,
    use of aids, metalanguage, motivating students.
    Please post more of those videos for YL.

  3. Some interesting ideas there. Although you say it’s for ‘absolute
    beginners’. There is no way an absolute beginner would be able to spell
    fish right off the bat like that. I don’t mean to pull it down – it’s just
    my opinion. However, I will definitely check out your other videos as I
    like your active style of teaching. Thanks for posting. 

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