Examples Of Inquiry-Based Questions


We have already discussed the implementation of inquiry-based learningbut many teachers are still searching for particular examples of questions that promote inquiry-based learning (IBL).

on-postibLibraryAccording to Wesch, “…good questions are the driving force of critical and creative thinking and therefore one of the best indicators of significant learning. Good questions are those that force students to challenge their taken for granted assumptions and see their own underlying biases. Oftentimes the answer to a good question is irrelevant—the question is an insight in itself. The only answer to the best question is another good question.” (M. Wesch, A portal to media literacy, University of Manitoba, 2008)

The best IBL resource books suggest that a good IBL question:

  • can have multiple answers
  • encourages deep thinking
  • is informative
  • is opend-ended
  • is exciting
  • is about something that students like and can research

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I’ve got a free Primary Years Student Inquiry Guide by theIBLibrary (it’s free for all teachers). This guide has very clear instructions and IBL questions that follow the cycle of enquiry-based learning.

Here are the examples of inquiry questions based on European Folk Talesbook, ESL course, theIBLibrary:

– What is the Old World? Why USA is not a part of the Old World? What do you know about Old World?

– What folk tales are coming from the Old World? What is your favourite folk tale from the Old World and why? How do you feel about it? What it teaches us?

– How would you change the ending to your favourite folk tale?  Tell how things would be different, better or worse?

– Compare and contrast two different folk tales from the story. How are they alike and different?

These are just ideas to start with….

Here is a great video about how to write inquiry questions and then use them in the class:

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