Home Schooling Pros and Cons


With a growth rate of 10 to 15% each year, home schooling is becoming quite a popular choice among parents. On an average, home schooled children do well in various standardized tests, are welcomed at universities and colleges and also have a reputation for being reliable employees and self-directed leaders.

To help parents who are considering home schooling their children, here are a few pros and cons that will help you decide.

The Pros


After children get over the initial shock of exiting the traditional schooling system, home schooling parents say they experience a complete sense of freedom. No longer are their lives bound with school timings or homework. This allows them to plan off-season vacations and live their lives according to what works for them.

Educational freedom

Homeschooled children have the choice to learn and study what they want, when they want and how long they want. This doesn’t mean that all basics aren’t covered. But while a child might cover some of those basics at the age of 7, others might cover it at the age of 10, depending on their level of maturity, interest and learning abilities.

Closer family relationships

When interviewed, just about every set of homeschooling parents stressed how taking this route helped them develop stronger ties between all family members. Teens seem to benefit significantly from this interaction and rebellious behavior often seems to diminish soon after homeschooling begins.

No busywork

Homeschooled children can accomplish in a few hours what takes a typical classroom more than a few days. According to many teachers, at least one hour each day is spent on ‘on task’ learning. This is the reason why children have so much homework. This brings us to another pro of homeschooling, no homework.

The cons

Time restraints

Learning outside a school environment can take up a lot of dad or mom’s time. Most people visualize giving lessons with books spread around the kitchen table, but it is barely so. Home schooling will involve taking up a number of different activities with your child that offer hands-on learning experience. Planning and driving to these activities can constitute a the bulk of your day.

Financial restraints

For parents who are married, one partner often goes out for fulltime employment in order to home school. This can be a huge sacrifice for families who are struggling. However, according to most homeschooling parents, the small loss of income is worth the satisfaction of seeing their children grow up to learn in freedom.

Being with children 24/7

If you choose to home school, you also choose to stay with you child 24/7. If you don’t enjoy being around children all the time then homeschooling may not be for you. While it can be truly difficult, most homeschooling parents view their interaction with their children as opportunities for personal and family growth.

Defying the norms

Like any other activity that challenges mainstream thinking and trends, homeschooling may be considered as an oddity by those who are unable to accept ordinary parents succeeding where professional teachers fail. Be ready to live outside the box if you really want to home school your children.

Although this list is not really comprehensive, it does provide an accurate overview of the pros and cons of homeschooling life. Apart from everything else, if you are looking forward to giving your children the opportunity to learn in a completely free environment and according to their own or your own preferences, go for homeschooling.


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