How To Create An Educational Website


Every private school, educational book publisher and a courses provider should have a Web sites. Your website is your face. This is how you attract new clients.

on-postibLibraryFirst, decide who is your target audience – parents, students, professionals? What’s your goal? Establish a worldwide presence? Get local students to attend your courses? Get the professionals to buy the books? Without a clear goal, your Web site will do nothing for you.

After you’ve established your goals and identified your audience, start planning your website development:

  • Coolect images of your staff and school.
  • Decide on domain name
  • Decide who is going to write the pages.
  • Check other educational sites to see what they to promote their business.

If you don’t have 1000s of dollars to build the website nor you have HTML and web design knowledge, consider using a website builder. For example, Simbla – a very easy tool to build a website that will take just a few steps to get your website up and running:

Step 1: Register to Simbla

Simbla is a web platform, which means you don’t have to buy hosting and transfer HTML files via FTP. Registration to Simbla takes about 2 minutes. You can also register via facebook.

Step 3: Start Building your website

IYou can create a websites with Simbla’s easy mode, which provides the user with ready made content pieces. So, you don’t need any coding knowledge in order to create a website. Just drag the elements from the top menu at Simbla to add them to your page.

Step 4: Write your content And Adding the photos

All you have to do is to upload your school/staff pictures and videos, add some content.

Step 5: Choose your style
If you want to change your website style, simply select the style from a variety of themes in just one click.

Step 6: Make it Alive
Your site is not alive until you tell simbla to publish it, then Simbla will create a URL for your website.


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