How To Get Student Discounts


Did you know that many brand stores offer amazing discounts to students ONLY? So why don’t you take an advantage of being a student? To make sure you get as much student discounts as possible, you will have to get a student card(s) first.

on-postibLibraryNUS Cards

The standard NUS card is the student card that you get when enrol at the university. It is completely free and you can use it to get all sorts of discounts.

NUS Extra

For an extra £12, you can get NUS Extra card which is the UK’s leading student discount card that entitles you to get exclusive discounts with hundreds of big brands such as Amazon. You can save about £500 a year with this card.


For just £14.99 you can get NUS + International Student Identity Card, which also gives you access to great discount deals worldwide! You can get discounts on hotel bookings, computer software, clothing etc.

Once you are armed with your student card, it is time to look for discount deals. If you’re looking for a complete list of brands and shops that offer discounts in the UK, make sure to check out this student discount directory. It has top quality online retailers and shares the best student discount codes, various promotional offers with vouchers, voucher codes for university student online. This website is well worth a bookmark.

A quick thought: 

No doubts, student discounts will help save money, but you have to compare prices online every day!

For example, Topshop offers a 10% student discount on the dress you really like, but maybe Primark offers 20% non-student discount on a very similar dress which is much cheaper? Sometimes you may not be able to use vouchers in conjunction with your student card, so make sure to use the best offer.

Remember to always check prices online and keep up with  student discount deal!



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