How To Use theIBLibrary To Get Best-Selling Children’s Books For Free


Today we will talk about how to use one of the most popular online digital libraries in order to get award winning children’s books for free. TheIBLibrary is popular among PYP teachers and educators promoting inquiry-based learning. Parents can also use this site to get free children’s books teaching good values.

on-postibLibrary1. Go to There you will see a list of books and a search form.

2. You can search the children’s books by title, by reading level, by learner attitudes, transdisciplinary theme and more. The good thing about theIBlibrary is that it has a great collection of NEW children’s books and young adults novels.

3. So, how do you find award-winning books and best-sellers? Simply type in “award” in the form and press “search”.

4. Once you have found the book you want to read, just click “read online”. Here we go, you can read the whole book for free!



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