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Traditional Learning Ways Are Soon Coming to An End

By Lisa Wheatly

We could state that the traditional learning ways are soon coming to an end. We are part of the digital era, a quite complex period of time in the entire human history. Because the technology’s progress is extremely fast paced and is going only towards progress, you can expect to see changes in any domain of activity and industry, including education.

Here’s another important aspect to consider: students nowadays are surrounded by digital media tools and devices that create big distractions. Their attention is now split between their teacher and their smart devices.

Therefore, teachers must learn new ways to engage and connect with their students in order to assure a quality educational mood and environment. Attention has to be captured through the use of great lectures. If your students aren’t attentive, half of the blame is on you.

During this article, we’ll talk about few of the ways in which you can keep your students engaged and attentive. Remember; keeping these tips and tricks on your mind won’t do anything good. Try to apply everything you learn in class, and start noticing the productive changes.

  1. Prepare Your Lecture Effectively – The first thing you must do is prepare your class lecture in the proper ways. Here are few of the key actions you should take in order assure a good lecture performance and keep your students engage

a) Establish Your Lecture’s Purpose – Before even considering preparing the lecture, think about its purpose. How’s it going to help your students understand more? What’s the end message and conclusion they should think of after your class?

b) Make Sure That You Stick to The Topic – Never include irrelevant information in your lecture; it only wastes valuable time and your students will get bored easily.

c) Prepare Notes – Some things may go wrong with the presentation; in that case, you should take a look at your notes. You’ll organize yourself in a matter of few seconds and you’ll be able to continue with the lecture.

d) Perceive Your Lecture as Something Important – If you treat your class with respect, they will show it back to you in return. Your lecture is your message to those kids. The moment you put heart in it, the moment it’ll become more enjoyable and interesting.

e) Go for the Bigger Picture – Don’t get stuck with the small details, as they will be easily forgotten by your students. Of course, you can make an introduction of the concept, but focus on the greater picture.

2. Involve Digital Elements into Your Class – John Watson, HR, and Social Media manager at Top Aussie Writers suggests that students nowadays prefer modern educational materials like videos, audio content, and also infographics instead of the traditional lectures. This is expected, as most of the today’s teenagers are addicted to the internet and social media.

If you include modern aspects in your lectures, you can expect your students to become more attentive and interested. You will also improve the engagement rate because they’ll feel more comfortable talking about something that they enjoyed consuming.

3. Create Engagement in The Class – Engagement is probably one of the most important factors that will make your class more dynamic. Even though your lecture is awesome, the practices you use in order to improve the class mood and interest are essential to a proper class lecture. Start applying the following tips and watch how your class’ engagement grows.

a) Provide useful exercises – This is a common and traditional way of engaging students; even though traditional teachers use it, that doesn’t mean that it’s not efficient anymore. You can modify some aspects such as the form and purpose of those exercises.

b) Reward Involvement – Encourage your students to participate in the class and raise their hands whenever they have useful answers and ideas. Make it clear that whoever is active will receive a significant bonus at the end of the semester.

c) Allow Breaks – A break now and then doesn’t do any harm. In fact, it’s actually beneficial to your student’s productivity.

d) Share and Expect Feedback – Try to provide useful feedback to your students, show them that you’ve noticed their efforts, and ask for their feedback in return. This is an awesome way in which you can improve your class’ engagement.


Being an efficient teacher is often challenging, but it has its benefits. You will be recognized as the ‘good professor”, and you’ll have a lot of self-accomplishments that will create fulfillment at the end of the day. The key to becoming an efficient modern teacher: your lectures’ efficiency.

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Lisa Wheatly graduated from University of Queensland, Australia. She believes analytical thinking and an lisa-wheatlyenquiring mind are her strongest points, and she does her best to put them to good use. Lisa is a consultant of young entrepreneurs, and she believes her knowledge of the human mind allows her to accurately assess the abilities of the young businessmen.



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