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IB LIBRARY – Largest Repository of IB Curated Books

The IB Library is one of the world’s biggest online repositories where you can find authentic IB curated eBooks as well as other materials. Since IB Library’s inception, it has included extensive collection of materials from Teacher-generated lesson plans and anything that can help teachers all over the world.

It is their mission to become an online community where students, teachers and parents across the globe can interact and connect with each other. As such, they have developed a distinct kind of service where numerous eBooks, lesson plans and other materials are selected and aligned to IB curriculum. This way, IB teachers and educators can have a place where they can have free access to keys of learning.

On that note, the IB Library celebrates their first year anniversary in the service of selling books to international schools. Not only are they now in their first year of service, but is now already winning awards for their excellent service towards the fulfillment of a better access to authentic IB materials.

What is amazing with IB Library is the fact that it is always free for teachers. Teachers can have access to one of the biggest repository online for books authentic materials aligned to IB curriculum. Furthermore, they are also in the service of providing international schools with quality materials that can definitely help both teachers and students.

Now that IB Library is in its first year anniversary, they are inviting everyone to be part of their service. It is simply wonderful to have more books distributed to more international schools needing them. With that, more and more people will have access to quality books teacher’s can effectively use in their classroom as well as parents to their child.

It is a good thing that IB Library’s authors and materials come from all over the world. With that, it is possible to provide students with books and materials aligned to their curriculum. Furthermore, it is easy for them to use the IB Library’s site as well. It is all been designed to offer them a friendly site that is easy to navigate and definitely fun to use.

Moreover, the IB Library has connection and business to countries such as UK, US, Australia, China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia and more. They know the book industry more than anyone and so people can expect that IB Library can deliver its purpose. Employing people from all over the world, they are able to work internationally for the benefit of teachers, parents and students depending on their service.

In essence, the IB Library is an agency for book sale and distribution operating under a specific niche. They are but resellers of your books and so you keep all your rights. They are a platform where teachers can have access to materials they need for effective teaching and learning. For teachers and parents that are advocate of IB curriculum, the IB Library is a place where they can have everything they need.

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