My Favourite Kids Math Games


Did you know that math learning can be fun? I have discovered a wonderful site with lots of free ADDICTIVE math games for kids and adults alike. Initially, I was looking for math games for my ESL students. But I ended up playing these games together with my kids and my mom.

Below you will find my favourite math games by KidsMathPlay.

1. Learning Arithimetic is an addictive math game which have basic addition, subration, multipilication, and division, in a single game. The game can be played by all grade students. You can choose which section to play and hide all other game options. It’s a fun and FREE way to learn math.


2. Tractor Tug Team Multiplication is other free math game for practicing multiplication. You can paly in the team and compete with the other players in order to pull the other team into the bouey and cross it. Each correct answer will bring you a tug. Pulls down the other team across the bouey and will the game. 8 members can play this game.


3. Spider match integers can be played by 4 players and the content of the game is to create a number that is new with the addition of integers. It is a great game that helps children to practice both the negative and positive numbers. And it’s FREE…


4. Speedway Adding Fractions game is very challenging and addictive. You will have to compete with 12 other players. If you want to move the car along the track then you have to solve the equation of fraction. The correct answers will speed up your car. If you meet the finish line then you are the winner.


Kids can practice math with these brilliant free online games and never get bored. Playing online math games, children can develop number sense, counting, basic addition skills and more!

And what is your  favourite math game?


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