Never stop learning: why self-education is so important for educators


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 An educator is one of the most significant figures in any citizen`s socialization and development of his creative abilities. And it is vital that the teacher would be a creative and unique personality with high professional skills.

Contemporary self-education and educators


Modern teacher is a continuously developing personality, who is open to everything new. This is an individual who is ready to both teach others and learn himself. The level of education of today’s students is in direct proportion to the level of teacher`s self-education. The more an educator knows, the much knowledge and skills his students will receive.


The relevance of self-education for teachers is also due to the fact that the educator must possess modern and forward-looking information during daily preparation for classes and extracurricular activities. Thus, showing personal example, the teacher will encouraged his students to work independently. Teacher`s self-education and his constant readiness for this activity is a necessary condition to generate the same demand from the students.

The main criteria of self-education for teachers:

  • The effectiveness of professional pedagogical activity;
  • Creative growth;
  • Implementation of new educational technologies in educational process.

Teacher of 21st century

Teacher of 21st century is:

  • A developed, internally rich person, striving for professional, cultural, spiritual, and physical perfection;
  • A person who knows how to choose the most successful tools, methods, and education technologies for the implementation of all necessary tasks;
  • Personality with a high degree of professional competence, who constantly improves own knowledge and skills, self-educates, and has multifaceted interests.


The process of organization of teachers` self-education needs to be more flexible, allowing attaching each educator to actively involve the entire functioning of any self-education in the teaching process. Sequence of actions and consistency in solving problems is also of utter importance.

 The main advantages of self-education:

  • Self-education allows getting more relevant knowledge. This is especially important when learning is connected with information technology. By the time new knowledge reaches textbooks, it will have already become hopelessly outdated;
  • Self-education spreads circle of friends;
  • Self-education allows creating a personalized training program;
  • Self-education gives more motivation. Due to its relevance and individuality self-education is much more proficient;
  • Self-education makes it possible to learn from the best experts;
  • Self-education allows managing your life schedule;
  • And the most important benefit of self-education – it is totally free!

Why to invest in self-education?


The need for continuous improvement is established in accordance with the product and the result of teaching. All societies on the planet put on the educator the duty to teach both the individual and the citizen. Because society`s requirements to each individual develop, change and progress constantly, without exception, all teachers are obliged to self-educate for as long as their professional life endures.


Raising the level of competence, a teacher, as well as a representative of any other profession, receives both moral and psychological satisfaction from performing own job at the highest professional level. After all, the path to self-realization starts in this way!

There are the following reasons why teachers should self-educate:

  • Success reasons;invest-in-yourself
  • Overcoming of professional difficulties;
  • Motivation to improve own well-being;
  • Professional recognition reasons;
  • Career growth reasons.

The key sources of self-education

The essence of teacher`s self-education process is the independent gaining of knowledge, which can then be used for personal development, improving both working conditions and the efficiency of professional activity. Alongside with this, there are no limits concerning the choice of the sources of gaining knowledge. We invite you to get to know the key sources of self-education.

  • Various seminars, courses, and conferences;
  • It is an inexhaustible source of information;
  • Depending on your goals, you can always get all extra knowledge from methodological, scientific, or imaginative literature;
  • Television, magazines, newspapers. For example, you can always get the newest knowledge from Tuko news, Reuters or The Telegraph;
  • Traveling, visiting exhibitions, theaters, museums, and concerts;
  • Discussions, meetings, exchange of experience with colleagues;
  • Own blog in the Web and active presence in social media.

self-ed-manifesto-150-x-203As it was reported in Tuko news for many times, all these sources can increasingly satisfy all personal development`s needs. There are also sources that, on the contrary, have a narrow professional focus. However, you should always remember that your personal development and professional growth is a single process. From any source you can gain knowledge that will be equally valued both at work and in personal life.


Any modern person should constantly improve own knowledge and skills, self-educate, and have multifaceted interests. A problem of self-education of any contemporary person has become particularly urgent in the newest information society where an access to information and the ability to work with it are key skills. A thinking educator can obtain additional knowledge in different ways.

stairwayPresently, there are plenty of various training services. But it is no secret that the majority of new knowledge and technologies lose its relevance within five years on average. Therefore, the most effective way to improve teacher`s professional skills is self-education. It is a necessary process for any cultural and enlightened person. It is that activity that will always accompany you.

Finally, keep in mind the following quote: “Formal education will make you a living. Self education will make you a fortune”.


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