New Children’s Poetry Book is Sweeping Childhood Hearts


A new children’s poetry book is sweeping the hearts of children nationwide and having author Bridget Renshaw being compared to one of her heroes, Shel Silverstein. Bridget Renshaw’s book is called “Cornucopia,” a word that usually refers to a bundle of things.

“I feel like these poems are a bundle of gifts from my childhood heart that I hope to share with children around the world,” Renshaw said.

“Cornucopia” was released in December and published on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. All reviews of the book on the Amazon website have rated it five-out-of-five stars. Renshaw says her book often gets compared her childhood inspirer, Shel Silverstein’s influential 1974 collection of children’s poetry, “Where the Sidewalk Ends,” a book that also addressed childhood concerns in a fashion relatable to children.

Renshaw has been keeping jokes and other writings since she was a kid.

“I used to write poetry about my daily life, some funny fiction and raps for my friends on their birthdays,” she said. “I like to make people laugh and feel special.”

During the past several months, Renshaw has been invited to several schools and events in Texas and California to read the collection of quirky, comedic poems to students and children. Mrs. Jones, a third-grade teacher at Robertson Elementary in Frisco, said Renshaw’s visit made quite an impression on her students.

“It was so awesome. The kids loved it,” she said. “She did an excellent job. Her material is going to end up being a best-seller.”

Bridget_ReadingRenshaw, 30, who coached gymnastics and worked at a day care growing up, said her unique perspective is what connects her to the student audience she loves so much.

“I have a childhood heart,” she said. “I remember childhood stories of myself and experiences my sisters have gone through, as well, and I approach it from a child’s perspective and how a younger person looks at the world.”

Renshaw is also finding that her creative motivation is inspiring her to create various media to support the book including YouTube videos for the poems, audio reads and interactive worksheets. She hopes that the book will inspire and spread the kind of funny, quirky love for life she has to children around the world.

Her book is currently available online through and You can find her upcoming events on the book’s Facebook page, Cornucopia.


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