New Summer Reading Books for Teenage ESL Students in 2015


Your students have probably read Harry Potter? So, stop reading same books again and again. The following books are recommended by an ESL librarian as NEW and yet undescovered books for summer reading. You might enjoy many of these books as well.


Belle is a heartwarming story about a young man who went to Texas at the turn of the century to find his fortune, which turns out to be nothing like what he expected. Jacob Newsome, a young energetic man, begins his journey across country to find the way to get rich.  Jacob is looking for money to build one of the first new automobiles. Unexpectedly, he find out he has a daughter, Belle. Ott’s novel is loved by many ESL students as it filled with rich characters, intricate and complex plotlines, and easy-to-read language.  Look Inside.

Believe: A Tale of Faye

If you want your students to start loving to read, introduce Believe: A Tale of Faye to them. In this imaginative and healing book, Deliah, an eleven years old, suffers a great loss. Unexpectedly, she discovers an enchanted kingdom of fairies in her own backyard. They help Deliah to cope with her grief, by taking her on an unexpected and courageous journey to her destiny and the world of “Faye”. It is a land filled with laughter, wonder, adventure, and enchantment. Only Deliah can defeat the Dark King and save a kingdom and a family that she never knew she had. This page-turning book is engaging and is easy-to-read. It will inspire your ESL students to value love, friendship, and life.

Dream Keepers: When the Water Flows Through Again

Are you are looking for an exciting and adventurous story for your ESL students? Then the story of Golden Fish in an underwater adventure is right for you. The Golden Fish is searching for the five Living Codes that can only be found in the Undiscovered River. During her adventure, she meets Nogil, one of the Dream Keepers responsible for blocking the tunnel that once guided water creatures from the Great Pool back to the Great River. With the help of her river friends – Eliasor, Mot, and Comet – Golden Fish finds herself amid unexpected and revealing events that lead her to see, for the first time, the waves of color and light! An uplifting journey that begins underwater continues on in Diane Arruda’s beautifully illustrated and inspiring tale of self discovery. This book is perfect for intermediate ESL students! Look Inside.

Dream Sharers: Love/Hate

This wonderful and enchanting story is a must read for teenagers who start experiencing first love! This magnificent book tells about the relationship between Darla and Michael, who have been friends since childhood and each has an extraordinary gift: They are able to use their souls to enter the sleeping minds of others and join in, or alter, their dreams. However, neither initially reveals their dream-sharing power to the other.

As Michael and Darla enter the same elite boarding school they are still unaware that each has this power, although they frequently dream-share with each other. Together with their friends, Earl and Lori, the students join the Outdoor Club, which takes them on a trip to Tibet. There, deep in a frozen cave on the side of Mt. Everest, Michael discovers ancient scrolls that seem to tell of himself and Darla. But as Michael struggles to fully decipher the text, Darla grows weaker, finding herself unable to resist the allure of the dream world. Michael must decode the prophecy and keep Darla from becoming lost in a dream state. Will he be able to save her before the nightmares keep her soul forever? This book will make your ESL students laugh, truly love, and hate! Look Inside.

Dream Watchman: Quest for the Missing Talisman Book I

The young adults will love this epic fantasy saga. In Dream Watchman: Quest for the Missing Talisman, the reader is transported from the modern-day Los Angeles back to the 17th-century world on an island called the Jeweled City by the Black Sea. This magical kingdom is first visited on the night of Emily Rollins’ 30th birthday when a family curse, buried for over 200 years in Liberty County, Texas, resurfaces in California.

Everything spins out of control the moment Emily is contacted by the warlock King, also known as the Dream Watchman. The King is on a bloodthirsty quest to find a talisman called Inspiration. The talisman has eluded him for over five centuries. With its power, the Dream Watchman can defeat the God of Light and control the world.

Emily, a fashion industry executive, has unknowingly inherited the ancient talisman, but she just wants everything to turn back to normal! Unlike a Disney fairytale kingdom, the Jeweled City by the Black Sea is a place of wickedness and deception that carries readers into an unforgettable and timeless world of adventure. Teenage ESL students will love this saga, as it’s engaging, magical, and is easy-to-read! Look Inside.

Gust’s Maze

The young ESL learners will enjoy Marcia Andrade’s Gust’s Maze. Take a trip to Felwitt, a cursed place battered by heavy snow, covered by dark clouds, and completely isolated from the rest of the world. Despite the terrible ordeal imposed upon the villagers, they have learned over the centuries how to survive thanks to their remarkable resilience and, most of all, their mysterious and precious gold. Gust, the most notorious teenager, tries to find out the truth behind the village’s bizarre weather conditions. Gust and friends embark on a fantastic journey through an enchanted maze to overcome its five gates and reach Lord Ivanor’s castle. Here, they will try to retrieve Nana’s wand, stolen from her a long time ago when she was the protector of this once beautiful and prosperous village, and finally break the curse.

Can the curse be broken? Will the town ever be lush and green with colorful flowers again? Look Inside.

Moore Field School and the Mystery

Moore Field School and the Mystery is the start of an exciting and mysterious book series that is loved by many ESL students. The series features Samantha, whose parents teach at her school. Moore Field School is unexpectedly moved to Lakeview. Before the first term starts at Lakeview, the students go to a fun camp where they hear about a local haunted house. Meanwhile, some scary men are searching for long-lost trophies that they will do anything to find. What is happening with the trophies and how is Moore Field School involved? This incredible book is suitable for intermediate ESL learners, who will love the enchanting story and easy language of the book. Look Inside.

Watch this book review made by a very cute girl:

Neptune‘s Fingers

Neptune’s Fingers is a fascinating and vivid story about mysterious boy Jack, the lighthouse keeper’s son. The shipwreck of the Kestrel lies on the rocks near his home. Once he sees a young boy dressed in old-fashioned clothing near the wreck, that’s when the excitement starts. During the Great Depression, he is taken out of his time to experience the last days of the Kestrel. He learns his own family’s history, which is interwoven with the lives of some of its sailors in a way that changes Jack forever.

Reading the book, you and your ESL will feel the tension, fear, and excitement! This book is not only a great fun, but also has a great educational function – you will learn about the history of Australia in the midst of the 1930’s depression. A wonderfully layered story that ESL students will love.

Have you read any of these books? How would you use them in your ESL classroom? Look Inside.



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