How A Non-native Speaker Can Find An English Teaching Job in China?


Can I become an English teacher in China without being a native speaker? The truth is YES, but you have to prepare well as you will compete with native speakers. The good news is that everyone can find a teaching job in China.

on-postibLibrarySo how do you actually find a job? There are plenty of agents offering teacher placement service. Normally it’s free for teachers. If the agency is asking money from you, it is most probably a scam. In this case, the agent takes about 10-30% of your salary and pays you the rest. Non-reliable agents will get a half of your salary and won’t offer you a working visa. Top agencies don’t take anything from your salary and are paid by the school for finding you. Also try job boards where you can contact schools direct. Dave’s ESL cafe is so far the most popular job board in Asia. 

Make sure you have a good resume. Write about your English language abilities and that you have a good accent; mention how well you get along with kids and how hard-working and reliable you are. These are the qualities schools are looking for. A beautiful picture of you in a suit will increase your chances significantly. Chinese people pay a lot of attention to appearance, and sometimes more than to your qualification. 

The most important step is an interview. Prepare to demo 15-30 minutes demo class. Read more: How to Prepare to English Demo Class in China?


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