Personal Learning Network for Entrepreneurs: Basics of the Future Professionals


The following article will help entrepreneurs and small business owners to start organizing their personal learning plan and network. You will find some great suggestions and educators, and some practical ideas that you could adopt and apply.

on-postibLibraryAs in any other form of a productive system, your learning sessions should be tactical and strict on a weekly basis. Preferably, you should choose to do it in your spare time, when you are relaxed and off work. One exception however is advised, and that is your daily read.

Starting the Day

You should organize your essential daily reading material feed through subscriptions, so when you power up your device for that morning coffee tune in, all your research is already done for you. Choosing preferences is easy. Most of the search engines remember your interest and provide you with new topics the moment they get published. As for starters, you can’t go wrong by choosing Entrepreneur, Forbes and The Economist.

Of course, depending on your line of work, you should organize your read around the areas that interest you, but if you are dealing with clients on a regular basis – picking up an insightful story and sharing it will only do good for you.

Educational Blogs

Connecting with teachers has never been easier. Networking encourages teachers to build their authoritative influence on practical knowledge and their ability to connect with people. Basically, this is what all teachers should do, but unfortunately that is not the case. In your learning time, you should focus on the exact area that interests you, but remember that all business is about emotions, and figures are just there to motivate us.

Search for educators that will help you deal with your current problems, and subscribe to their accounts. For example, if you have an employee that is less motivated to perform as much as he should, you will search for suggestions with keywords like “how to motivate an employee.” Feel free to start following websites that provide good answers. By doing so, you will get a constant feed of material that you can apply during your working day and at the same time you might just get prepared for future problems and handle them as they appear. If your line of work depends on public relations, you can’t go wrong with websites like Social Triggers. On the other hand, if you have a long commute route to your place of work, you should organize your learning time with some high quality podcasts, so try following Entrepreneur on fire.

Learning while Earning

Learning and earning is the model that you should go for. So while you are reading some of the magazines recommended, following podcasts and blogs, it is inevitable that you will stumble upon information that is useful, that’s why you are networking in the first place. But aside of the management, marketing and practical advice, you should focus on the bigger picture as well. We are talking stocks.

Compare Fx brokers, and start organizing your research by following their profiles. This website provided is the perfect place to find stock resources, and it is relatively new so, as they’ve stated out themselves, they will go to certain extents for their clients. If you are looking for a way to start earning and obtain deeper knowledge through transparent tools on how equities and stocks work, this is where you want to be. Plus, this is the best way to learn how our economy works, and will provide you some practical insights for future investments.

Personal Development

As an honest suggestion, try visiting Kurzgesagt, they have a regular upload of a great material on various subjects for visual learners, and you definitely want to avoid closing yourself in a bubble. Following one strict line will alienate you from other people in your life, but not only that, you could also miss on some great ideas that are applicable to your line of work. So once a week, commit to a thorough research and maybe you will find something new and helpful.

Remember to share. Once you get a hold of a certain subject, start a blog. Your insights and experiences might help at least a few of us, and we would love to hear you out. As you grow, your audience will grow as well, so let’s keep those connections open.

Have a productive day!

By Olivia Still


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