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List of 300 Schools in China Hiring Teachers


Collection of the reliable schools that hire foreign teachers. Instructions: Pick the Province, Pick the School, Apply Through The Official school’s sites and HR e-mails, Get HIRED!

This is a list of 300 schools in China organized by Province and includes the name of the school, the Provence where the school is located and the type of school. We have included links to the school HR department page where available. Please bear in mind that some links may get broken every now and again, so you may need to Google the school to find the new link.

Other features include:


Table of Contents by Province

17 Questions ESL Teachers Are Asked At Job Interviews.





Product Description

The directory covers 21 of the 22 Chinese Provinces (Quinghai Province has no entries), 3 Municipalities, 4 Special Administrative Areas (SARs) and 1 Autonomous Region.

Province Province Province
Anhui Province Henan Province Shandong Province
Fujian Province Hubei Province Shaanxi Province
Gansu Province Hunan Province Shanxi Province
Guangdong Province Jiangsu Province Sichuan Province
Guizhou Province Jiangxi Province Quinghai Provence
Hainan Province Jilin Province Yunnan Province
Hebei Province Liaoning Province Zhejiang Province
Heilongjiang Province


Special Administrative Areas – Macau, Hong Kong, Wolong and Tianjin

Municipalities – Beijing, Chongquing, Shanghai

Autonomous Region – Guangxi Zhuang






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