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If you are looking for instructions, notes or quizzes, or you want to share or sell your own, Quizleak.com may be your answer. QuizLeak is a new innovative Internet marketplace designed to allow users to create quizzes and instructions using the free Quizleak easy to use step-by-step process. Creating and publishing is always 100% free and users can share their work privately with a specific group of people, or publicly with a global audience hungry for information. A wide variety of disciplines can be found on Quizleak, including engineering, math, history, law, language, music, science and religion.

on-postibLibraryCreating and publishing is always 100% free to the creator/publisher giving users a peer-to-peer platform for networking. For sellers, Quizleak acts as a broker, charging a small brokerage fee (10%) for any content sold through the Quizleak.com platform. Professionals can sell to anyone within the community – and turn their specialized knowledge into an income source.




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