Studtegery LLC Introduces A Test Preparation Board Game


  Fun Is Now A Term That Can Be Used With Studying And Test Reviews

on-postibLibraryJust in time for back to school, Studtegery LLC, a start-up educational board game company, announced the release of their first game. STUDTEGERY is a test preparation board game that combines studying with strategy as students/players move around the game board by eliminating the wrong answers to multiple choice test preparation questions. Unlike other educational games that only work with one subject matter, STUDTEGERY works with all subjects, courses, and classes if the test the student is studying for is a multiple choice test. How does a board game know what a student needs to study? It doesn’t, but the student or teacher does and from class lectures, notes, textbooks, handouts, homework, etc . . . the student or teacher makes up the multiple choice test preparation questions for game (studying) play.

NewAmazon1_newOf how he thinks STUDTEGERY will be received by the educators and students, STUDTEGERY creator Mike Reid said, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death, taxes, and studying. I figured out a way to make one of those three fun, so I expect Studtegery will eventually be a staple in every classroom and home with a student in it. Since every student playing Studtegery is engaged as they must answer every question on every turn, I think teachers will replace the old school ask and answer method of reviewing for tests with Studtegery, especially since the old school method is so ineffective with the struggling students who avoid participating for fear of being embarrassed in front of their peers if they answer wrong. Studtegery eliminates that fear as the students’ goal is to eliminate the wrong answers in the first place.”

Each game board of STUDTEGERY plays from 3 to 5 students. In games with five students, the fifth student only reads the questions and answers. STUDTEGERY is for ages 8 years and up and comes with a game board, four player pieces, four answer sticks, four dice, and one set of practice play Civics (American History/Government) questions.

About LLC: Studtegery LLC is a start-up educational board game company based in Kyle, TX. Studtegery LCC distributes its board game via Amazon. To learn more about STUDTEGERY visit their website at Inquiries may be sent to Mike Reid at


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