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  1. SwEEtBuTTerFlygirl17 on

    Thank you so much! I am going to become a teaching assistant in France and
    I was at such a loss as to how I was going to engage the children.
    Brilliant :)

  2. I was wondering if I could get some advice. I’m going to start teaching ESL
    to preschool, kindergarten, first grade, and second grade next month. I’m
    wondering if there are links to websites that will help teachers like me
    who will need to be planning and teaching multiple grades on an everyday
    basis. Also some advice on just how to start the first few days. Do you
    translate some things? or do you just ignore the blank clueless stares and
    force yourself to keep going in English only whether they understand you or
    not? Help!

  3. Thanks, it’d be really appreciated, I have hopefully one final question. At
    the moment I’m taking and finishing japanese in high school and am taking
    it in university as well, What other courses would you recommend me to
    take? should I take E.S.L over English or both of them? -Mark

  4. Mountain Leopard on

    Whoaw your quick with the Japanese! Your like a martial artist of the
    language! I’m from Yorkshire, I am going to China to teach English in a few
    months. I have never done anything like this before so I am very nervous!
    Can anyone give me any tips for some very first lessons to help encourage
    me and settle my nerves a tad?….

  5. Kashish Agnihotri on

    wah !i am 29 yr old mom of 2 lil one .. i took addmission for english class
    ..from 26 january 09 ..and i am afraid i can learn or not.. i wish they can
    teach like you..u made english very easy and fun .great.

  6. I had such a hard time trying to get my students interested in my
    teaching… I worked at two jukus in Tokyo. As inexperienced as I was
    (being a study abroad student) I always felt uncertain about my teaching
    style… i really did want them to learn! One of my bosses wanted me to
    teach two little boys (age 5) how to read English.. without knowing any
    English at all! Furthermore.. I wasn’t allowed to talk to them in Japanese!

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