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Teach English in One of the World’s Most Attractive Cities

Located in Eastern China and serving as the capital of Zheijang Province, Hangzhou is a city that has China's West Lakeaccumulated centuries of history. If you take pleasure in natural and beautiful sceneries away from the hurly-burly of cities, then this is the place for you! Its exquisite and natural scenery is breathtaking and enchanting to anyone who beholds it. The most popular and best attraction is the West Lake that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Adjacent to the lake is a scenic area that includes historical pagodas and cultural sites. Hangzhou is also the destination of the Grand Canal; the world’s longest man-made river that begins in Beijing and travels South to reach Hangzhou. The city is also located among hills and valleys in which some of the most famous monasteries are located.

Hangzhou is a growing industrial and modern city with diverse sectors such as light industry, agriculture and textile.  Given its rapid rate of growth, English is considered as an important skill. English teachers are therefore on high demand and teaching jobs are quite competitive.

Teaching English in Hangzhou

Hangzhou presents a number of teaching opportunities in kindergartens, public and private international Hangzhou Normal University (HNU) Cangqian Campusschools, universities, large institutions and international baccalaureate schools. Teaching in public schools is done from Monday to Friday during standard school hours. There are also English Training Schools that are open outside normal schooling hours.

Since the city is frequented by several tourists from all over the globe, the city provides English teachers with an opportunity to interact, create friendships and network with foreigners from different backgrounds and culture. The natives of the city are a benevolent and generous people who are easy to interact with.

Requirements for teaching English in Hangzhou

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  • Be at least 24-55 years old
  • Have a Bachelor’s degree
  • Have a TEFL certificate (120+hr TEFL)
  • A full-time teaching experience of 12 months
  • Posses a work visa
  • Have formal teaching experience of two years

Teaching English in Hangzhou to Young Students

English is considered the language of commerce in China. For this reason, most parents are keen on ensuring

Teaching Children in China


that their children learn the English language. Learners can be as young as 2 years old. Teachers normally use interactive and play-based instructional methods to teach the children pronunciation, listening and communication skills. Chinese culture emphasizes academic achievement.

Teaching English to Young Adults in Hangzhou

The young adults have not been left behind in learning English. Given that Hangzhou is a city that is growing economically, young adults see English as a skill essential for career development. Most classes for this category of people are offered during the evenings and weekend. This provides the instructor with ample time for class preparation.


Hangzhou is one of the most attractive cities in the world because of its history that spans thousands of years ago. What makes this city so unique is that despite the wars and urbanization that it has gone through, it has managed to preserve its historical and cultural heritage. Aside from the West Lake, the China National Silk Museum (the largest silk museum in the word), the China National Tea Museum and Zhejiang Provincial Museum are other famous stopovers of visitors in the city.

The cost of living in Hangzhou is lower compared to other Chinese cities and so you can really save. The areas around West Lake, Nanshan Road and Hefang Street are filled with nice and affordable

restaurants. These public places are also good joints to interact with foreigners and network.

Hangzhou Business and IndustryHangzhou Factory

Hangzhou  is an industrial city with diverse sectors such as light industry, agriculture and textiles. Teas is an important commodity in Hangzhou’s economy and culture. It is also an important logistics hub for Coastal China; to the South, it has water communications with the interior of Zheijang and to the north, it is linked to the network of canals and waterways covering the Yangtze River. It is also the southern terminus of the Grand Canal.


Hangzhou experiences a humid subtropical climate with four distinct seasons. The summers are normally long, very hot and humid; the winters are normally chilly, cold and dry with occasional snow. During the late summer, in August to September, the city suffers typhoon storms. In June, it is sometimes affected by the plum rains of the Asian monsoon.


The native residents of Hangzhou speak a Wu dialect. Wu Chinese varies throughout the areas where it is spoken. Mandarin is the dominant spoken language.


Hangzhou is served by airports, railways, buses and taxis. The Hangzhou/Xiaoshan International Airport was voted one of the top ten airports in China and Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airportprovides services to international destinations and regional routes. It also has a domestic route network within China.  The city sits on the intersecting points of one of the busiest rail corridors in China. It is home to the Hangzhou East Railway Station that is one of the biggest rail traffic hubs in China.

The public transport system is efficient and affordable with a modern fleet of buses and taxis. Bicycles and electric scooters are popular. The city has dedicated bicycle lanes on major roads. The Hangzhou Public Bicycle System provides rental services for bicycles.

Expatriate Life

Hangzhou has often been nicknamed as “paradise on earth”. Its centuries of history and green scenery make it attractive to most expatriates residing there. The city has numerous athletic and social clubs for expatriates and foreign teachers. In case you feel homesick, there is an abundance of foreign restaurants. Familiar restaurants like Starbucks, Burger King and McDonalds are available.

Foreign products are also available but will cost more. The city has a vibrant night life with several theaters showing performances of opera shows.

Given that tourism is a great contributor to the city’s economy, an expatriate can be assured of creating several personal connections.


If you are a nature enthusiast and desire a mix of both country and urban aura, then Hangzhou is the place for you. Teach ESL in Shanghai and be part of a community full of vim and vigor!

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