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Teach English In One of the Greatest Cities of the World

Shanghai is the epicenter of China and serves as a major global financial centre for both local and international Shanghai Chinabusiness tycoons. Located in the East Coast and equidistant from Beijing and Guangzhou, the city is a hustle and bustle of activities filled with energetic and kindhearted people. This exuberance is extended to the zeal of learning English. English is taken as an essential long term skill. It is on demand with young learners who are seeking to have a competitive advantage in the niche market.

Shanghai is the largest city in population and is a financial and commercial centre of the mainland China. The Bund Sightseeing Tunnelcity is full of great sights and views namely: the Bund which is located at the Huangpu river and has being regarded as a symbol of China for a long time, the City God Temple which connects to the Yuyuan Garden and is also a major landmark in Shanghai and the spectacular Lujiazui skyline which can be viewed from the Bund. The magnificent skyscrapers and the museums add to the breathtaking beauty that this city has to offer.

Teaching English In Shanghai

The demand for English teachers in Shanghai is quite high and well paying. Competition for these jobs is high. The Chinese people accord a lot of respect to teachers. Successful teachers are those who create a conducive learning environment, adapt innovative techniques and ensure that all their students grasp as much as they can from the classes offered. Adopting a flexible, open and culturally sensitive mindset would be important in promoting good interaction with the local community.

Requirements for Teaching English in Shanghai

  • Be at least 24-55 years old
  • Have a Bachelor’s degree
  • Have a TEFL certificate (120+hr TEFL)
  • A full-time teaching experience of 12 months
  • Posses a work visa
  • Have formal teaching experience of two years

Visa for ESL Teaching Jobs in China

For anyone seeking to work in China, a work “Z” visa is required. This has to be applied for through one’s native country. It is the school’s responsibility to mail out appropriate Chinese government approved documents that support the application for this type of Visa.

Types of English Teaching Jobs in Shanghai

Opportunities for teaching English can be found in kindergartens, boarding schools, private language institutions, universities and in private tutoring. Given that English is in high demand, the competition for these jobs is high. Standards are much higher if one wants to teach business English or professional English.

Aside from teaching, other duties include lesson planning, attending meetings, marking tests and assessing new students to determine their English level. Classes can sometimes be offered online and conducted during the day or evenings, or during weekdays and/or the weekends. Most institutions normally acquire English teachers from agencies that higher out these teachers.

Teaching English in Shanghai to Young Students

Parents to children aged 7 to 10 years old in Shanghai take English as an essential long term skill. For this Teaching Children in Chinareason, teachers will focus on developing the child’s speaking, listening and communication skills. Teaching young children is engaging and requires patience and creativity on the part of the teacher.

Teaching English in Shanghai to Young Adults

Young adults need English for their personal and professional lives. Classes offered to this category are more communicative in nature focusing on developing speaking skills and pronunciation. Business English classes that focus on skills needed by companies are most common among such learners. These classes are normally of high standards.


Shanghai is a mixture of both Eastern and Western traditions that are unparalleled in the whole of China. The Shanghai - night view of Longhua Templefusion of Oriental and Western architecture is an obvious way that speaks of this mixture. Its picturesque skyscrapers and historical landmarks will catch the eye of any foreigner. In fact, Shanghai ranks number six among cities in the world with the tallest skyscrapers!

Its education matches the impressiveness of the city. Shanghai has the most prestigious universities in the country and its publicly funded schools have the highest education quality too.

Shanghai Business and Industry

Shanghai is the financial and commercial centre of the mainland with a thriving economy. The good economy means that the standard of living for the Shanghai people is good. The economy depends on manufacturing, particularly heavy industry. In consequence, pollution is quite high. However, in comparison to other Chinese cities, pollution in Shanghai is quite low.


People in Shanghai mostly speak their local dialect of the Wu language. Mandarin is also well understood by most people. English is a common language that is taught but not everyone speaks it fluently. Localized English words and pidgin English is common.


Shanghai has a humid subtropical climate that experiences all four seasons: chilly and damp winters, hot and humid summers, sunny and dry autumns and rainy spring time. Sometimes, typhoons are experienced during summer and the beginning of autumn.


Shanghai has an extensive transport system that is based on metros, buses and taxis. It has four major Shanghai Airportrailways that serve as hubs and that are connected to the metro network: the Shanghai Railway, Shanghai South Railway Station,Shanghai North Railway Station and the Shanghai Hongqiaon.

Given that the city can be subject to traffic jams during busy periods of the day, there are expressways to lessen this pressure. Bicycle lanes are available for bicycle users. Bicycles and motorcycles are however banned from the main roads.

Expatriate Life

Shanghai is the most Westernized city in China making it a comfortable destination for most expats. The transport system makes movement comfortable. Purchase of almost any item is possible in this city though imported goods tend to be more expensive. The streets are normally safe both during the day and night and crime rate is quite low given the massiveness of the city.


Shanghai is a growing city with much to offer. If you feel you are the person for teaching ESL in Shanghai, do not hesitate to apply! It is a chance to increase your opportunities and expand your horizons. Apply now!


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