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Teach English in a World Class City

If city life appeals to you and you want to teach English in China, Shenzhen may be the city for you. An ultra-modern, conveniently located world-class city, Shenzhen offers a vibrant lifestyle with great restaurants, first-class entertainment, professional sports and things to do to suit any taste. Shenzhen is as close as you can get to Hong Kong (20 minute train ride) and still be in mainland China. Day trips to Hong Kong and Macau are popular weekend adventures for many. Shenzhen is a location that will not disappoint.

Shenzhen is a great place to make friends with local Chinese people and expats. The rapidly developing economy of Shenzhen creates many opportunities for teaching English. So if you are looking for sun, fun and good job teaching English abroad, Shenzhen is right for you!

Requirements to Teach English in Shenzhen

Great numbers of private schools and universities in China are looking for qualified teachers (see our Directory of 300 Chinese Schools Hiring English Teachers). However, you must meet the following requirements to teach in China:

  1. Bachelor degree or above
  2. Be between 24 and 55 years old
  3. Have 2 years of work experience after graduation
  4. Have at least 1 year of formal teaching experience
  5. Be TEFL certified

Visa for ESL Teaching Job in China

In order to work in China, a “Z” visa is required. Schools generally will do all the paperwork to obtain a Z visa for their teachers. (In most of the cases, employers, will give an advantage to those who are already in China.) Make sure you have a proper Z visa as working without one is illegal and subject to large fines and even deportation.

Types of English Teaching Jobs in Shenzhen

Shenzhen is one of the most popular destinations for English teachers in Asia. There is great demand for teachers of students of all ages. Teaching English Abroad in China can be a great lifestyle as eaching salaries generally afford a comfortable living and work loads leave plenty of time for travel and recreation. Teachers are also well-respected in China.

Teaching English in Shenzhen to Young Students

Chinese parents see English education as an essential long term skill, creating an enormous demand for teachers with experience to teach young children to speak English. Kindergarten English teaching positions are the most well-paid English positions in China, but they highly competitive and require experience.

Teaching English in Shenzhen to Adult Students

Young Chinese professionals, feel the need need for English to advance their professional careers as well as to enhance their personal lives. Typically aged from 24 to 35 years old, this ever growing group creates a huge demand for teachers of English as a second or foreign language.


Shenzhen is a bustling city of 13 million in Guangdong Province located immediately north of Hong Kong SpecialTin Hau Temple Administrative Region. Shenzhen is the first and perhaps the most successful Special Economic Zones (SEZ). It holds sub-provincial administrative status, which gives it just a bit less autonomy than a province. Due to the tens of billions of dollars in domestic and foreign investment over the past decades, the spectacular city skyline is ultra-modern and is considered by many to be among the best in the world.

Shenzhen Business & Industry

Shenzhen is the major financial center in Southern China and is the home of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. It is also considered the “Silicon valley” of China due to its concentration of high tech companies. Many foreign high-tech companies also have their Chinese headquarters located in the Science and Technology Park of the Nanshan District. The city is also one of the busiest container ports in the world.


There are numerous dialects spoken in Shenzhen. However, due to its proximity to Hong Kong, the city is still dominated by Cantonese and Hakka speakers. Younger immigrants from the country speak Mandarin and many residents are now bilingual.


Shenzhen is situated almost exactly on the Tropic of Cancer giving it a warm subtropical climate. Summers are hot and humid and winters are mild and dry. The rainy season runs from June through September when Shenzhen can experience heavy torrential rain. Like San Francisco, Shenzhen has over 100 days a year when it experiences some fog, which usually burns off quickly.


Shenzhen is a travel hub featuring the ultra-modern Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport featuring regular daily Shenzhen Baoan International Airportflights to every major city throughout China. Shenzhen also has excellent train service with high speed s trains to Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai and other long-distance destinations.

Hong Kong and Shenzhen are connected by the award winning MTR subway, one of the best systems in the world.

The easiest way to get around Shenzhen is by the Metro, which has 5 lines (and 5 under construction) and over 180 stations. Opened in 2004, the modern system is fast, clean and efficient.

Shenzhen has an excellent bus system that goes to all parts of the city. Service ends at 11:00 PM for most lines and announcements are made in both Chinese and English.

Taxis are abundant and reasonable and drivers will always use the meter. The drivers are generally honest and usually go the fastest way to the destination. However, Shenzhen street are crowed and traffic is a disaster at rush hour and likely to get worse.


Similar to Beijing and Shanghai, Western items are available, but expensive.Luohu Commercial City Shenzhen

There are well-known supermarkets like Walmart. They all stock a variety of Chinese and imported items. Street vendors selling good local produce are ubiquitous.

Shenzhen has an abundance of shopping malls selling all the top Western brands. There are also excellent quality clothes straight from the factories along with the ever-present fakes. There are also many excellent tailors where you can simply have clothes made to your specifications.

Expat Life

There is a large expat community in Shenzhen (located near the HK border crossing) with numerous restaurants and bars as well as shopping that cater to Western tastes. Due to China’s high import duties prices are expensive.

As the city has grown from modest fishing village to a sprawling metropolis in only three decades, the overwhelming majority of residents are transplants. This sprawling city is densely populated and, as with all Chinese cities, very crowded.

Food choices are extraordinary and very affordable – dishes from all over China as well as Western restaurants serving virtually every type of international cuisine are readily available. From Cantonese to McDonald’s you will be able to find something to suit your taste.

Nightlife in Shenzhen includes live music (jazz has become very popular), sports bars and pubs and now cocktail lounges are starting to sprout up. Shenzhen clubs tend to be very large, but do not generally have large dance floors, opting for many tables instead.

Shenzhen has a wide variety activities and entertainment including amusement parks (Happy Valley and Window of the World), golf courses, international cinemas and beaches are reachable within an hour.


So, if you feel that teaching ESL in Shenzhen is for you, then start applying for English teaching jobs in Shenzhen. A good school to work for is a life-changing decision. If you want to teach English in Shenzhen successfully make sure you sign a contract with the school directly.

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