TeachBack Free App For Real-time Instructor-student Feedback


TeachBack free app now available on all major smartphone platforms.

TeachBack is now available on Android, for free in the Google Play app store. The feedback-focused iPhone teachbackapp2app is now available on both services, putting its usability in the hands of smartphone owners everywhere.

TeachBack was designed by a college professor as a tool for instructors to collect feedback from their students. Featuring pre-written polls, as well as the ability to generate custom polls about any subject, instructors can collect feedback from their students about classroom material, instruction, engagement, coursework, and anything else. The data is reported back to the instructor anonymously, in real-time, with analytics data and exportable charts.

teachbackapp4The goal of TeachBack is to provide a tool with which instructors can find out what elements of their instruction are working well, and which aren’t. This information allows them to adjust their classroom experience for the greatest efficacy.

The app is made available for free and has a wide range of uses outside the classroom. Anyone in need of a poll-answer tool could adapt it for their needs. It is available in multiple languages as well, making it an effective tool for Spanish and Chinese markets.

TeachBack is currently raising awareness of its product among educators throughout the world.

Developer: Jeff Ritter
PR Contact: Jeff Saporito saporito@gmail.com
Pittsburgh, PA, USA


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