The Bell Game: pronounce the words correctly!


The Bell Game can improve pronounciation of specific words in a fun competitive way. Prepare the cards with target words and two small bells.

on-postibLibraryGoal: Words recognition and pronunciation

Level: Pre-school and Primary school


  • Create two teams and place the bells on a desk.
  • Ask 2 first players from each team to come to a desk and stand in front of the bells, one for each player.
  • Introduce the game rules: Now we are going to play a game called The Bell. I will show you a card with the word written on it. The first person to ring the bell and read the word correctly gets a point for the team. If you ring the bell and cannot read the word within one second, your team loses a point. So make sure you know how to read the word before you ring the bell. If you read the word incorrectly, your competitor has a chance to read the word and get two extra points. If both players cannot pronounce the word, another student in the class can read it, but no points will be given.
  • After that, two other players come to the desk and so on.

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