Tips On How To Stimulate Young Learners Before Christmas


Christmas is coming; and you may be asking yourself how to encourage students to concentrate on their study. Here are several ideas and strategies on how to keep students concentrated.

on-postibLibraryMake all Lessons and Activities Christmas-Related. For example, use words like Christmas, Santa Clause for spelling; teach Christmas songs and the origin of Christmas.

Create a Christmas Countdown. A calendar countdown is a great way to motivate students to study by giving them something to look forward to. Create a holiday reward that students get each time they come to class. For example, it can be no homework, a candy, or colourful pencils. You can start your countdown the week before Christmas day.

Write and Talk about Christmas. Creative writing lesson is another great way to motivate students. Ask them to write about what they want for Christmas, their favourite holiday traditions, or how they will spend Christmas. Later encourage students to build dialogues based on their writings.

Assign Students Special Christmas Jobs. Normally students get overexcited by Christmas holidays, so you can hardly handle them. To help students stay focused on school, you need to relieve their extra energy by assigning special Christmas jobs. For example, one student can be “the elf” in charge of collecting greeting cards and gifts; another student can be in charge of designing Christmas decoration; and another student can be “the manager of the elfs” who is making sure everyone is doing work well. Invite the students to come up with Christmas-related jobs and activities.

Read Christmas-related books. Young students will love to hear their favourite Christmas stories. Here are some exciting read-alouds for Christmas time.

Also you can try this awesome collection of ESL stories, games and lesson plans:

Here is a great video that teaches you 3 easy Christmas-related games you can play with ESL learners:

For more videos click here.

How do you keep your students concentrated on their schoolwork before Christmas holidays? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below!


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  1. I always make a special good behavior contest close to the holidays or any long breaks. Positive reinforcement is good, and making it separate from the normal rewards motivates the kids to work for the goals.

    I try to plan fun activities that require them to be quiet, like Christmas bingo. It’s a game, so they enjoy it, but you can’t play it if everyone ie loud.

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