Tips to Help Students Improve Their Writing and Grades!


What makes writing good? Though it seems to be very simple question, the answer is not easy, it has a complicated answer that won’t satisfy any one person. Every writer has different answer and you find all of them wrong. Here are a few tips for your students to help them improve their writing.

Tips for Your Students

What makes writing good is you, yes you- your opinion, thoughts, imagination, your experiences, everything you pen down comes from your brain, your thoughts.  Even though you haven’t got A+ on paper, but still you always have scope to improve and make your essay a great one.

Strong/great Ideas

Great and strong ideas makes your writing great. We all dream of getting good grades in school/colleges, but doing well in school/colleges not only requires that you understand the subject matter, but also you are able to perform in test and your writing assignments, you presentation and knowledge must reflect to teachers.

Of course we are not all pro when we start writing, but if you think of something original, creative and your point of view is rock- solid and you are able to justify your point with all possibilities possible , then the first step of a writing is clearly in your favor.

Always explain through examples

Your piece of writing must be always in layman language and easily understandable, always give some examples and stories so that one can relate to it and experience the same, all writing tells a story, the more specific you are, the better supported your argument is and the stronger your story; thus, the better your writing.

Writing is a skill and like any other skill set, there is no perfect state per se, you should work to keep on getting better and better.

Decide form of your writing

Once you’ve got the great idea and your examples ready and the most important thing to consider is you form of writing, structure of your writing is very important. This includes sentences as well as paragraphs; make sure everything you write makes sense the aim here is clarity. The reader should be able to follow all your arguments in a straight and line and must agree with your conclusion and hopefully they learn something.

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Choice of word and style

Good writing always has a consistent and definable voice; the main thing is to convince our readers that you’re ideas, arguments and your interpretation is correct. Your arguments must be logical from the introduction to conclusion.

So from Great ideas and great implementation that’s what makes writing good.





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