Top Reasons Why Your School Needs to Upgrade its Telephone System


Schools have evolved into more demanding learning environments. It is therefore necessary for teachers, students and administrators to have effective communication. A school needs a modern telephone system in order to support its communication requirements.

on-postibLibraryUnfortunately, the reality is that schools have small budgets and most of them cannot afford to upgrade their system. The good news is that there are many phone system providers that offer special telephone system packages that are priced affordably for the education sector, and comparison websites that can make the whole process much simpler for you.

As the school adopts new technology to upgrade their teaching techniques, they should also upgrade their communications system. It is vital to make valuable savings, boost productivity, enhance collaboration and improve the school’s security. Here are more reasons why you should upgrade as soon as possible.

Better call handling

Like any other business, it is important that callers get through the first time they call and be connected to the right person or department. An effective telephone system will automatically route incoming calls to their proper destination.

Parents will be able to leave a voicemail if their kids won’t be able to come to school or if they need to talk to the teacher after school. This feature is helpful during bad weather when student absenteeism is expected.   

Flexible features

Companies that have several branches across the country rely on their telephone system to get the message to everyone. The same thing can be set up in a campus where there are different buildings that professors need to go to. They can be mobile but still be reachable. They can have access to the same features such as conference, voicemail, transfers, etc. This allows the teachers to take care of important phone calls and issues quickly. The admin can also assign a work number on the teacher’s smartphone so that they can take work calls wherever they are in the campus.

Simplified administration

Modern telephone systems such as VoIP are simple and easy to use. The handsets and interface are user-friendly. Administrators can easily manage, maintain and even update their system. If the system needs less managing, the administrators can focus on more important issues in the school.


There are many threats to students inside and outside the campus so it is important that the school takes measures to safeguard their staff and students. A phone system that is able to call thousands of parents in just a few minutes is a big help in times of crisis.

Call tracking and recording features can protect teachers and staff from inbound threatening calls. These recorded calls can then be given to the police for further investigation.

Improved relationship with parents

Parents don’t need to wait on the line or be transferred to voicemail for important/urgent calls. Their calls can easily be directed to the proper teacher. Teachers can do web conferencing with parents to keep them updated about their child’s progress. Busy parents don’t need to take the day off in order to go to the school. They can talk to the teacher when they get home from work at the convenience of their living room.

These are just some of the advantages of an upgraded telephone system. Find the right one for your school and experience the difference.


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