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The new cloud­based version of eReflect’s popular Ultimate VocabularyTM software is designed to give English teachers the flexibility they need to manage both multi­student classes and one-­on-one tutoring, while allowing individual students ample time for self­directed practice sessions. The software includes tools that can be used for lesson planning, one­click access to reference materials, and games that help students learn vocabulary while having fun. If you’re looking for software that will help you and your students get the most out of your English lessons, here’s what

Ultimate VocabularyTM EDU can do for you:

Pre­Defined Lists Save You Time

Ultimate VocabularyTM EDU comes pre­loaded with word lists that are suitable for every student, no matter their age or current English proficiency. Instead of spending time coming up with your own word lists, take advantage of the hundreds of lists already stored in Ultimate VocabularyTM EDU. You can assign these lists by grade, by age, by ESL learning level, or by the type of test your students are studying for. Beginners can start out with a list of common English words, and professionals can hone their English skills with one of the lists in the Masters or PhD category.

Each level has multiple word lists, which you can assign one by one or as a group.

Targeted Tools Save You Effort

You and your students will appreciate how easy it is to learn more about words using Ultimate VocabularyTM EDU. Learning a new vocabulary isn’t just about memorizing a word, it’s learning how to spell it, how to pronounce it, how to define it, and how to use it in conversations and written texts. As a teacher, it’s your responsibility to help your students learn all of these aspects of a new vocabulary word. With Ultimate VocabularyTM EDU, a lot of this work is done for you.

• Repetition. Instead of drilling students over and over again, let the software do the drill. Students can use the games and activities to repeat words as many times as necessary. When a student has learned a word, they can mark it as “mastered” so they won’t have to repeat words they know. This lets them focus on new words, rather than covering the same material.

• Definition. If you’re not fluent in a student’s native language, it’s often difficult to explain the subtle meanings of a word. Students can use the tools built in to Ultimate VocabularyTM EDU to get translations of words and definitions in their own language, which helps them move ahead more quickly.

• Pronunciation. ESL students need help in learning how words are pronounced, but you can’t always be on call to give them that pronunciation. With Ultimate VocabularyTM EDU the student can hear native speakers pronouncing each word, simply by activating the audio links.

• Elaboration. Etymology, synonyms, antonyms, the different meanings of a word, how it’s used as a verb or a noun ­ all of these things need to be explained by you and learned by the student. With Ultimate VocabularyTM EDU the student has direct access to information on word origins, word usage, and word meanings, leaving you time to focus on the important work of ensuring your student is making progress.

• Motivation. You and your students can easily see how fast they’re improving by using the progress charts and goal tracking features of Ultimate VocabularyTM EDU. Once a student has visual proof that they’re succeeding at their English practice, they’ll be motivated to continue working hard. The many vocabulary­related games provide another, easier way for them to practice. Younger children in particular are willing to spend more time on vocabulary lessons if they’re in the form of games.

Flexible Licenses Save You Money

Unlike other vocabulary training programs, Ultimate VocabularyTM EDU easily adjusts to fit your teaching needs. You can add or remove licenses depending on the number of students you are teaching or tutoring. You can set up student groups, so that they can share their word lists and their activity scores. You can also track how much time each student spends working on the assigned activities and word lists. Since you’re not required to be on line while the students are practicing, you’re able to focus on mapping out the lesson plans they’ll be moving on to next.

Ultimate VocabularyTM EDU is an effective teaching tool, and a valuable resource for any ESL tutor. eReflect, the company behind Ultimate VocabularyTM EDU invites interested teachers and ESL tutors to contact them for more information on the software at http://www.ultimatevocabulary.com/.


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