Why Do We Need CCTV Cameras in Schools ?


According to the Guardian, hundreds of primary and secondary schools across the UK installed CCTV cameras in classrooms to root out bad teachers and check up on naughty pupils.

on-postibLibraryJMC secure, a leading CCTV supplier in the UK, states that: ” that 85% of teachers have CCTV in their schools, and that it is primarily used for monitoring school grounds, entrances and to prevent vandalism. Half of the teachers admit that cameras are also present inside the school. The main reason behind placing cameras indoors is often to monitor students’ behaviour, help teachers improve their performance, improve discipline or prevent bullying. While there may be even more reasons to justify the use of CCTV all schools need to comply with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) code of practice.”

School Security

CCTV security systems help in preventing unauthorised access to the school and protecting staff, pupils and a school’s assets against vandals and thieves. CCTV security systems promotes safe schooling environment by organising exit in case of emergencies. The cameras installed at the entrances and exits to the schools are very effective at stopping student’s harassment and robbing.

For Teachers

CCTV camera footage can be very powerful as a way of keeping track of teacher attendance and methodology, showing teachers a colleague’s very effective lesson, resolving arguments about bullying and protecting staff from unreasonable claims made against teachers.

For Students

CCTV cameras are good at preventing bullying and thefts amongst students; improving discipline and punctuality. CCTV surveillance systems in schools create a safe, secure and healthy learning environment for children. According to the Guardian: “The children are very happy here because they know they are on a school site where they are safe. They are in a position where they are not going to be robbed and harassed and so on. The parents are very happy with it. We’ve had no complaints from the teachers … they were the ones who suggested the cameras as a solution to people coming into the building, and disputes and problems with theft.”

Do you have CCTV cameras in your school? What do you think about it?



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