Why do we need worksheets?


The term ‘worksheets’ has had stick in recent years. The idea of using a ‘worksheet’ to teach has become a euphemism for ‘boring lesson’. There are so many fantastic ways technology is being used to both teach and learn maths; interactive games, flash videos, powerpoints and so on. It’s easy to question why we even need worksheets to teach maths? Here I explain why worksheets are still a valuable method for both teaching and learning mathematics.

on-postibLibraryPaper-and-pencil as a way of learning has always existed, and the fact that maths at school and at university is still assessed through paper-and-pencil might mean that there will always be a need for us to know how to read, follow and interpret instructions through paper-and-pencil. Despite all the wonderful technology we have developed, it is very unlikely that we will fully abandon the use of paper-and-pencil to acquire and assess knowledge. It could be years before computers are able to comprehend a students working out and how much credit it should be given. Technology can present information in interesting and dynamic ways but it seems that only through paper-and-pencil can we really see if we know something for ourselves. Given that paper-and-pencil style assessments are likely to be here for a long time, how can we ensure that  ‘worksheets’ offer just as much excitement and interest as computers and tablets do?


Simple. If worksheets create a sense of achievement then they become enjoyable for the learner. When students get acazoommathslogoMAIN sense of fulfilment and engagement from a worksheet activity, they are more likely to enjoy the learning experience. At Cazoom Maths we focus on creating visually dynamic content. What does this mean? How can worksheets which are static by nature, also be dynamic? Well it means that the content is always changing, it gets progressively more difficult as the learner engages with it. Worksheets can involve investigations, word problems, puzzles and searches and need not be a traditional 1 to 20 question activity. At Cazoom Maths we cleverly incorporate technology and paper worksheets together. Students and teachers can log in and access the worksheets anywhere, at school or at home, on mobile devices or on desktop computers. To try out cazoom worksheets and other fantastic resources visit, Cazoom Maths today.

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