Why Teachers Need an Umbraco Website


If you are private teacher, you probably use things like flyers, social media postings, and newspaper ads in order to find new clients. But more and more students go online first to search for a service or feedback. So if you want to stand out and be the one found on Google, building an effective educational website is a must.

on-postibLibraryWhen your potential students or employers search for your name online, they should find your website first. If they find no information about you, then they will probably choose someone else. Your website is your CV, it can demonstrate your teaching philosophy, skills, experience and student’s feedback.

Umbraco is a content management solution (CMS) similar to WordPress that is used by many schools and educators when designing sites for schools.


Key benefits of Umbraco

  • it is easy to use;
  • it’s free;
  • you can post blogs from Microsoft Word;
  • it has an active support community;
  • you’ll find it very versatile;
  • the platform is used by some of the world’s biggest brands.

Umbraco site is easy to launch

You want your site to be professional, attractive and functional, so find a designer specialising in Umbraco and who can show you previous sites he/she has designed.

Many Umbraco designers have ready-made templates for school and teachers sites that they have designed themselves. But don’t worry about your site looking the same – the template is just the base upon which your unique website can be built.

Also you can always take Umbraco online training on website building and do it yourself!

Ubraco site can turn your ideas into reality

You want working with your web designer to be easy – there’s a great guide on Entrepreneur all about this. Talk to your designer about what you want from your site. Share ideas about your design goals, the features you need, and anything else you want from your site.

A good designer will arrange to talk to you about these so that you can discuss all your options, and they will work with you to develop your ideas fully. Ideally they should take your ideas and turn them into reality, along with making helpful suggestions along the way.

Add your own features and content

Once the design is complete, the best thing about Umbraco is that you can take over the day-to-day management of the site.

Umbraco makes this incredibly easy to do. For a start, creating and publishing content is a breeze. If you want, you can write blog posts and new pages in Microsoft Word and then upload them directly to Umbraco to make publishing even easier.

You can also write drafts, save different versions of your content, set blogs to publish on a future date, and more.

Umbraco has a vast amount of add-ons that you can download and use with ease. These add features like contact forms and social media integration to your site without you having to do anything more than download and install the software.

There is no need to return to you designer whenever you need something done, so you will have far more control over the whole process.

Enjoy your new website

Once you have got your new website up and running, make sure you keep it fresh with updates. Post new content to your blog or news section, add new pages, add images and new features, and tweak it whenever you want to.

These are all of the things that you will be able to do on your own without help from a designer when you take advantage of this professional and flexible CMS.


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